Hanamaru Udon Thick Tsukemen Fair

Hanamaru Udon


Tsukemen Fair

Hanamaru Udon is holding a "Thick Tsukemen Fair" from Thursday, April 6 to the end of May (except at some stores). Yuzu Beef Tsukemen" and "Seafood Tonkotsu Tsukemen" are available. To go and mobile orders are available.


Beef Tsu

kemen To satisfy meat lovers, the noodles are topped with a generous amount of juicy beef cooked in a sweet and spicy sauce with onions. The warm broth, a combination of kake-dashi and tsuke-dashi, is finished with refreshing yuzu and aromatic sesame oil. Rich in flavor, it goes well with both the udon noodles and the sweet and spicy beef, stimulating the appetite.

Hanamaru Udon Thick Tsukemen Fair "Yuzu Beef Tsukemen

Seafood and Pork Bone Tsukemen

: The tasty seafood and pork bone broth is as thick and thick as that of a specialty restaurant. It is topped with a generous amount of pork, fish meal and nori (seaweed). The rich flavor of the fish meal, which is a combination of dried sardines and mackerel bones, accentuates the taste. The thick, warm dipping broth, which is a combination of soup stock made from dried sardines, mackerel bones, and bonito flakes, and pork bone broth, is well mixed with the udon noodles.

Hanamaru Udon Thick Tsukemen Fair "Seafood Tonkotsu Tsukemen

We offer both small and medium sizes at the same price in order to let customers fully enjoy the deliciousness of the noodles, including their smooth slurping texture. Both types of tsukemen come with a choice of cold or warm noodles. The tsukemade soup is only available warm.

We recommend that you add "otei meshi (rice)" or "otei onigiri (rice ball)" to enjoy ojiya-style rice topping. If you want more meat, you can add beef or salted pork.

Both are priced at (small) 690 yen and (medium) 690 yen including tax. Oyomeshi (small rice) 130 yen, oyomigiri (rice balls) 140 yen, additional beef 370 yen, additional salted pork 320 yen.

Same price for in-store dining and To go.
Prices differ at some stores.
A 30 yen per udon container fee will be charged for To go.