Mita Seimenjo "Thanksgiving Day" 500 yen Tsukemen (tsukemen) sale held for the first time in 4 years


Seimenjo Tsukemen 500 yen

Tsukemen Sale Thanksgiving Day Tsukemen Specialty Restaurant Mita Seimenjo will hold a Tsukemen 500 yen Tsukemen Sale "Thanksgiving Day" for the first time in four years. The event will be held for three days from November 22 to November 24.

Mita Seimenjo's thick Tonkotsu Seafood Tsukemen is now only 500 yen!

During the "Thanksgiving Sale," popular tsukemen (thick tonkotsu fish and shellfish tsukemen) will be offered at a limited price of 500 yen instead of the regular price of 880 yen.

In addition, customers who visit the restaurant during this period will receive a "Mita-sakashi (all toppings) free coupon" that can be used after November 25. The free coupon is valid from November 25 to December 31.

The following menu items will not be available during this period.

Sea bream dashi salt tsukemen
・ Bonito soy sauce tsukemen
・ Gyoza
・ Fried rice/teppan fried rice/yakisoba/hamburger steak
・ Ladies set/kids menu
・ Senbero set/dinner set/chicken skin skewers
・ All other menu items sold at individual restaurants and set products related to the above items

※ During this period, the app, LINE Coupons cannot be used on apps, LINE, Twitter, SmartNews, or other coupons during the period. The coupons distributed for free Mita-soba can be used from November 25.
No coupons will be distributed on November 23.
No To go or delivery service will be available during the period.
No wasashi-washi and thin noodles will be available during the period.