Mita Noodle Factory "Tsukemen 500 yen Sale Thanksgiving Festival".

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Mita Noodle Shop's new menu, and campaign information in summary. Oil Soba, Tsukemen, prices, To go (to-go), calories, etc. Some menu items have different prices depending on the amount of noodles.

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Tsukemen 500 yen Sale Thanks

giving Festival Tsukemen 500 yen Sale "Thanksgiving Festival" will be held for the first time in four years. It will be held for three days from November 22 to November 24.

Mita Seimenjo Tsukemen 500 yen Sale Thanksgiving Day".

During this period, customers who visit the restaurant will receive a free coupon for "Mita-sakari (toppings on top of everything)" which can be used after November 25th. The free ticket is valid from November 25 to December 31.


Tai-dashi Salt Tsukemen It was announced on the official website that "Chilled Tai-dashi Salt Tsukemen", a summer-only cold soup version of the "Tai-dashi Salt Tsukemen", a regular light menu item, is now available.

Mita Mensho "Chilled Sea bream dashi salt tsukemen

The price for eat-in is 760 yen (including tax) for a small portion, 790 yen (including tax) for medium, medium, and large portions, and 890 yen (including tax) for a special portion. The "Exclusive Finishing Rice Set" is 860 yen for a small portion, 890 yen for a medium, medium, or large portion, and 990 yen for a special portion of noodles (tax included). In addition, "extra spiciness" can be ordered for an additional 110 yen.


Ebi Tsu

kemen (thick shrimp tsukemen) A limited time offer, "Thick Ebi Tsukemen" will go on sale on March 8. The fragrant and rich soup, which is rich in flavorful shrimp extract and powder, is a perfect match for the sticky, extra-thick noodles. Eat-in only, no To go or delivery service available.

Mita Seimenjo "Thick Shrimp Tsukemen" (thick shrimp tsukemen)

The price is 930 yen (tax included). Mita-sakari thick shrimp tsukemen" is priced at 1,230 yen (tax included). The same price for medium to large portions, plus 100 yen for extra large portions. The "Super Special", which is available for a limited time, cannot be changed. The sales period is scheduled to last until early May.

Super special tsukemen (


noodles) "Super special tsukemen", "Super special spicy tsukemen", and "Super special back fat tsukemen" will be available. All of them weigh 1 kg, which is three times heavier than a regular serving.

Mita Noodle Factory "Super Special Tsukemen

The "Super Special Tsukemen" is a "Super Special" size of the standard "Tsukemen" with a thick seafood and pork bone broth mixed with extra-thick noodles. The price is 1,000 yen (tax included).

The "Super Special Spicy Tsukemen" is a super special size of spicy "spicy tsukemen" with a pork bone and seafood soup and special raayu. The price is 1,100 yen (tax included).

The "Super Special Back Fat Tsukemen" is a special size of "back fat tsukemen" with a rich flavor and a punch of back fat added. The price is 1,100 yen (tax included).

Konthoku Seafood


Tsukemen Winter Limited Edition "Konthoku Seafood Miso Tsukemen", "Konthoku Seafood "Red" Miso Tsukemen" and "Konthoku Seafood "Black" Miso Tsukemen" will go on sale on December 7 and will be available until February 28, 2022.

Mita Seimenjo "Thick Seafood Miso Tsukemen", "Thick Seafood "Red" Miso Tsukemen", "Thick Seafood "Black" Miso Tsukemen

Konthoku Seafood

Miso Tsu

kemen: A pork bone and seafood soup base is combined with rich miso paste and mellow back fat. A savory aromatic oil is added to create a rich, warming bowl of tsukemen. The price is 980 yen (tax included).

Thick Seafood "Red" Miso Tsukemen

Recommended for those who like spicy food. Spicy thick seafood miso tsukemen topped with special raayu (Chinese chili oil). Priced at 1,090 yen (tax included).

Thick Seafood

"Black" Miso Tsu

kemen Recommended for those who want a punch. Thick seafood miso tsukemen with a hint of burnt garlic. Price: 1,090 yen (tax included).


Festival "Niboshi Festival" will be held. The "Tokonon Niboshi Tsukemen," which has become a fall staple, and the new "Super Tokonon Niboshi Oil Soba," which is more satisfying, will be offered for a limited time only. The sales period is scheduled to last approximately two months from September 7.

Mita Seimenjo "Niboshi Matsuri" "Tokonon Niboshi Tsukemen" and "Super Tokon Niboshi Oil Soba

Tokonon Niboshi Tsukemen

Nagasaki Prefecture boasts the nation's largest production of niboshi (dried sardines). The special thick soup, which is richly flavored with sauce made from the high quality dried sardines caught off the Goto Islands, a treasure trove of seafood located at the westernmost tip of Nagasaki Prefecture, is the "thickest" of all of Mita Seimenmyo's tsukemen products, which include a wide variety of rich soups. When mixed with the special extra-thick noodles, the powerful flavor of niboshi (dried sardines) fills the mouth, making it an outstandingly satisfying dish. The price is 900 yen, with an extra 100 yen for a special serving (tax included).

Super thick

Niboshi Oil Soba

with twice as much Niboshi Sauce as Niboshi Tsukemen! This hearty bowl of noodles combines the direct flavor of niboshi (dried sardines) that lives up to its name of "super thick," with a hearty heaping pile of sliced char siu (dried pork) and extra-thick noodles. The price is 1,200 yen. A large serving of noodles is available for 100 yen (tax included).

Sea bream

dashi salt t

sukemen As a light menu item, "sea bream dashi salt tsukemen" will be available in a chilled soup for the summer season only, starting on July 6. The price is 790 yen (tax included, same as below), with the same amount of noodles available in "Nami" and "Daimaki" sizes. The price is the same from "medium" to "large" bowls, with an extra 100 yen for "extra large" bowls.

Mita Mensho "Sea bream dashi salt tsukemen

Shakuhatsu Tsukemen (


and Spicy Noodles) Shakuhatsu Tsukemen (Hot and Spicy Noodles), a summer staple, will be available from July 6, 2012. This year marks the first appearance of "Mugen" (+100 yen), which surpasses the previous "extreme" level of spiciness, which was the maximum spiciness. The "Burning Hot Torikara" will also be available.

Mita Noodle Factory "Scorching Hot Tsukemen



"Shakketsu Tsukemen" was Mita Seimenjo's first seasonal product, first introduced in 2011, and continues to be a signature summer item supported by customers to this day. While it is extremely hot, it has a robust flavor, making it a tsukemen that can be enjoyed by a wide range of customers, from those who just want a little stimulation to the hardcore fans of hot noodles. The price is 900 yen including tax (extra hot or unlimited hotness is +100 yen).

The "Burning Hot


" is a side dish of Mita Mensho's signature "Torikara" (deep-fried chicken), which has a crispy batter and a generous amount of "burning hot raayu" (hot raayu). It is a perfect accompaniment to the "Shaketsu Tsukemen. The price including tax is 380 yen for 3 pieces and 530 yen for 5 pieces.

Early morning

opening limited to 3 stores It was announced on the official website that early morning opening has started at 3 stores only. Asa Tsukemen" and "TKM (tamagokakemen)" will be available only on weekdays from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.

Mita Noodle Factory "3 stores only, open early in the morning".



Festival "KARAAGE Tsukemen Festival" will be held from May 11. This is a special campaign offering a 50 yen discount for the combination of the famous karaage and tsukemen (all prices include tax).

Mita Noodle Factory "Karaage Tsukemen Festival


Tsukemen/Tonkara Tsu

kemen During the "KARAAGE Tsukemen Festival", "Torikara Tsukemen" (tsukemen with karaage) and "Tonkara Tsukemen" (tsukemen with tonkara) will be available for 1,040 yen instead of the regular price of 1,090 yen each.


Ebi Tsu

kemen A limited-time menu item, "Thick Ebi Tsukemen" will go on sale on March 5. The tsukemen noodles are served in a rich, umami shrimp broth. The "Thick Ebi Tsukemen" is priced at 900 yen (tax included). The "Thick Ebi Tsukemen Mita-sakimen Set" is priced at 1,200 yen (tax included). Each item is priced at the same price for medium to large portions, and extra large portions are an additional 100 yen.

Mita Seimenjo "Thick Shrimp Tsukemen" (thick shrimp tsukemen)

Mita Seimenmyo is proud of its soup, which is rich in shrimp extract and powder, and its sticky, extra-thick noodles. The soup is rich, fragrant, and full of umami, but the crunchy onions add a nice accent, giving it a luxurious flavor without being cloying. The colorful soup is perfect for this time of year and heralds the arrival of spring.

Thick Seafood Black Miso


"Thick Seafood Black Miso Tsukemen" is available for a limited time only until February 28. This is an arrangement of the winter-only "Thick Seafood Miso Tsukemen".

Mita Seimenjo "Thick Seafood Black Miso Tsukemen

The "Thick Seafood Kuro Miso Tsukemen" is a thick, rich miso soup topped with a generous amount of "ma-yu" (Chinese chili oil) with a hint of burnt garlic. The "Thick Seafood Red Miso Tsukemen" with special raayu is also available. Prices are as follows. All prices include tax.

The "thick seafood miso tsukemen" is priced at 960 yen, the "thick seafood red miso tsukemen" at 1,050 yen, and the "thick seafood black miso tsukemen" at 1,050 yen. The same price for medium to large portions. Extra large portion is an additional 100 yen.