Mitsuyado Seimen "Sakura Tororo Tsukemen" limited time only

Mitsuyado-Seimen Sakura Tororo Tsukemen (Cherry Blossom Tor

oro Tsukemen) Mitsuyado-Seimen will sell "Sakura Tororo Tsukemen", a limited time-only menu item for the cherry blossom season. It will go on sale on March 15. The in-store price is 1,180 yen (tax included, same below). To go price is 1,280 yen. Available at Mitsuyado noodle stores except for the Mizonokuchi Nocty store.

The first thing that catches the eye is the topping. The topping named "Sakura Tororo" is a special mixture of "Tororo" and "Mentaiko" (cod roe). The finishing touch is pickled cherry blossoms, and the vivid cherry blossom color is reminiscent of the arrival of spring. It is a visually beautiful and heart-fluttering tsukemen that is perfect for spring.

The noodles are made completely in-house using carefully selected wheat flour, and we recommend serving them "cold" so that you can enjoy their flavor to the fullest.

The soup to match is Mitsuyado Seimen's standard thick pork bone and seafood broth. The hot soup with just the right amount of yuzu aroma not only has a rich flavor, but can also be enjoyed all the way through to the end. We recommend pouring the "Sakura Tororo" over the homemade noodles that have been thoroughly chilled, and dipping the intertwined noodles in the hot special soup.