Top 5 recommended matcha green tea sweets

5 Popular Japanese Matcha Sweets

Spring is the season that new green tea appears. For that reason matcha green tea sweets or snacks appear in supermarkets and convenience stores every year in early spring. Matcha sweets or snacks are more and more popular along with increasing health consciousness. Matcha, popular among health-conscious people, contains catechins (polyphenols) and other nutrients that are good for the body and beauty.

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We often see foreign tourists at Don Quijote and other souvenir shops go shopping spree matcha sweets. Matcha drinks are also very popular at Starbucks and other cafes. We expect that many matcha sweets will be available again from January 2024 as usual. So, we would like to introduce you to some matcha snacks that are relatively easy to find at any time throughout the year.

1. Nestle Kit Kat Mini Dark Matcha

Nestle Kit Kat Mini Otona no Sweetness Dark Green Tea
Source: Nestle official website

Nestle has sold many kinds of "Matcha Kit Kat" so far. This is one of them. It is said that there are more than 400 kinds of flavors, but the matcha flavor is definitely  very popular and is relatively easy to find throughout the year. It is also popular as a souvenir.

Bourbon Alfort Mini Chocolate Masa Matcha

Bourbon Alfort Mini Chocolate Masa Matcha
Source: Bourbon official website

This confectionary combines rich matcha chocolate with savory whole wheat biscuits. There are  varieties of Bourbon Alfort Mini and matcha is a representative product.

3. Meiji Rich Chocolate Sandwich Matcha

Meiji Rich Chocolate Sandwich Matcha
Source: Meiji official website

A cocoa-flavored biscuits sandwich chocolate containing 51% of the richest matcha green tea. The bitterness of the matcha and the chocolate match for a luxurious taste.

4. Meiji Matcha Chocolate Box

Meiji Green Tea Chocolate BOX
Source: Meiji official website

Matcha cream made from the finest matcha green tea is wrapped in mild milk chocolate.

5. Lotte Toppo Matcha  (dark deep green powdered tea)

Lotte Toppo (selected dark green tea)
Source: Lotte official website

These toppings are made with Uji matcha green tea from Tsuji Riichi Honten, a long-established tea brewery in Uji, Kyoto, that continues to produce the finest teas. The special pretzel is filled with tasty matcha cream.

We have introduced some matcha sweets. These products are relatively easy to find throughout the year, but more new products and seasonal products will become available in the spring. I hope you find your favorite ones!