Simple recipe for "oatmeal cocoa muffins"

Here are three "oatmeal recipes" that the En-eating editorial department actually made and found to be delicious. "Oatmeal cocoa muffins" and "oatmeal okonomiyaki" without wheat. * Click each recipe name link to jump to the detailed recipe article page.

Oatmeal okonomiyaki

Introducing a simple recipe for " oatmeal okonomiyaki " that does not use wheat. A chewy texture with a few oatmeal grains left. The spiciness of kimchi and the refreshing scent of green onions are accented.

Simple recipe for "oatmeal okonomiyaki"

Oatmeal cocoa muffin

Introducing a simple recipe for " oatmeal cocoa muffins " that can be made in the microwave. Thanks to the smooth silk tofu, the mouthfeel is moist. There is no habit of soybeans or oatmeal, and the bitter flavor and subtle sweetness of cacao spreads.

Simple recipe for "oatmeal cocoa muffins"

Oatmeal soy milk gratin

Introducing the recipe for " oatmeal soymilk gratin " that can be easily made in the microwave. Cheese is entwined with moist oatmeal and I am happy. The taste of tuna and the sweet and sour taste of cherry tomatoes accentuate the taste that you won't get tired of until the last bite.

"Oatmeal soymilk gratin" recipe