Easy recipe for "Kitsune Tsukune Sandwich

The following is a compilation of three Tsukune recipes that the Engeki editorial staff actually tried making and enjoyed. The three recipes are "Oatmeal Chicken Tsukune," "Chicken Tsukune with Ragorogoro Eggplant," and "Kitsune Tsukune Sandwich. Click on each recipe name to go to the detailed article page.

Oatmeal Chicken Tsukune

If you are not a fan of oatmeal, you should give it a try! Here is a recipe for " Oatmeal Chicken Tsukune," an oatmeal recipe.

Oatmeal Chicken Tsukune Recipe

The oatmeal is so absent in this recipe, in a good way, that you may think, "Is there really oatmeal in this? In a good sense, there is no oatmeal in this recipe. The texture is a little tougher than most tsukune, but it is not as dry as one might expect, and the stickiness of the yams holds it all together. Delicious and easy to eat for both adults and children!

Chicken Tsukune with Eggplant

Here is a recipe for "Chicken Tsukune with Gorogoro Eggplant " made by adding eggplant, ginger, and shiso leaves to minced chicken meat. It is soft, fluffy and juicy.

Recipe for "Chicken Tsukune with Raggular Eggplant

The texture is tender and moist. The ginger and shiso leaves give it a rich flavor. It is lightly seasoned, so we recommend adding salt or ponzu (Japanese sauce made from ponzu citrus juice) to taste.

Foxy Tsukune Sandwich

Here is a simple recipe for " Kitsune Tsukune Sandwich" that you should definitely add to your regular snacks for drinking at home. It goes great with beer!

Easy recipe for "Kitsune Tsukune Sandwich

Fluffy chicken tsukune wrapped in fluffy, juicy fried tofu. The fatty, sweet juices are complemented by the spicy ginger. The fragrance of the crunchy sesame seeds is also nice! The crunchy ginger inside the soft tsukune adds a nice accent to the texture. By the way, you can use a tube of ginger, but we recommend that you chop the ginger as it has a nice crunchy texture when you eat it.