Chocokuro Candy" St. Mark's Cafe × Sakuma Confectionery

Sanmark Cafe x Sakuma Confectionery Chococlo Cand

y Sakuma Confectionery will sell "Chococlo Candy" in collaboration with Sanmark Cafe. The release date is September 4. The estimated price is 220 yen.


Candy "Chococlo Candy" is a crunch candy that reproduces the taste of "Chococlo", a popular menu item at St. Mark's Cafe. Sakuma Seika applied the crunch manufacturing method used for its long-selling "Ichigo Miruku" (strawberry milk) candy, which was born in 1970, to create a light and crispy texture similar to that of a croissant in a candy. The design is a savory croissant-like candy encased in a slightly bitter, rich chocolate crunch.

You can enjoy the new sensation by biting into it, or you can slowly melt the candy in your mouth and savor the transition to the rich bitter chocolate layer. You can enjoy "Chococlo" as a handy snack at café time, as a soothing candy when you want to relax, or as a premium candy for various occasions.