Akebonobashi's Tibetan cuisine "Tashidele"
Taste the Tibetan cuisine of the mountains

I went to "Tasidere" where you can eat mountainous Tibetan food. It's a shop in Akebonobashi, Tokyo.

To Akebonobashi

Akebonobashi's Tibetan food "Tasidere"
The entrance of the shop is colorful

Tasidere is on the way to the Ministry of Defense after getting off Akebonobashi Subway Station and heading east on Yasukuni Dori. The interior is spacious and bright, with Tibetan scenery and pictures of temples on the walls, and local music.

Akebonobashi's Tibetan food "Tashidele"
The interior is also colorful

Lunch is diverse!

Akebonobashi's Tibetan food "Tasidere"
Special lunch. It's full of volume

Lunch is roughly divided into two systems, Tibet and India, and the Tibetan system starts from 900 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below). There are a lot of types to choose from, but this time I will order the highest price, the "special lunch" for 1,700 yen.

Akebonobashi's Tibetan dish "Tasidere"
Salad. With refreshing cheese

First of all, the salad arrived. It's an ordinary bowl with fluffy shredded leaves, and it's the same as it has a crispy texture. The white topping on top is like cheese. It has a tofu-like texture and almost no odor. It may be close to yogurt. But it has a good body.

Akebonobashi Tibetan Cuisine "Tasidere"
Soup "Rapsha"

Next is the Tibetan soup "Rapsha". This is in a bowl, aside from Minami, and is very large. It's full of chicken and radish, and both have a solid shape to look at, but when you scoop it up and bring it to your mouth, it's brittle and easily crumbles on your tongue.

Akebonobashi's Tibetan dish "Tashidele"
Chicken is so soft that it crumbles on the tongue

The saltiness is not strong, but the chicken has a good taste, and it is soaked in radish. The color is red, probably because it contains tomatoes, but it's not sour and not spicy. It has a relaxing taste like Japanese miso soup.

Akebonobashi Tibetan Cuisine "Tashidele"
Meat Juice Gyoza "Momo"

In addition, a platter with a main dish is also available. There are various dishes on it, but I'll try it from Gyoza "Momo". This is a dish that you can find in many Nepalese restaurants in Tokyo these days. It is juicy and round in shape, reminiscent of Xiaolongpao rather than Gyoza.

Akebonobashi's Tibetan dish "Tasidere"
Strong meat flavor

According to the explanation of the menu, it is said that it contains minced beef, and the flavor of the meat is very strong. The skin is thick and chewy. You don't need to add anything, but if you sprinkle a little spicy sauce in the jar, the taste will be tightened.

Akebonobashi's Tibetan dish "Tasidere"
Spicy sauce

Akebonobashi's Tibetan dish "Tasidere"
Delicious when put on Gyoza

Next is the chewy steamed bun "Tinmo". It's like a meat man's skin, but it's firmer than that. Maybe it smells like yeast, it smells a little weird.

Akebonobashi's Tibetan dish "Tasidere"-AAABBBBDDSAFDASFSAAA-
Steamed bread "Tinmo". Similar to meat man's skin but more solid

It looks fluffy, but it's heavy when you hold it in your hand. It is delicious to eat this bread with other dishes.

Akebonobashi's Tibetan food "Tasidere" -AAABBBBDDSAFDASFSAAA-

"Shapta lamb" is a thin slice of lamb meat that is fried with vegetables. It's similar because it uses spices and is quite Chinese. There is not much sheepiness. The meat is thin but has a streak of hard jelly, which is very chewy and has a chewy texture.

Akebonobashi's Tibetan dish "Tasidere"
"Shapta Lamb". Thick lamb meat

A dish full of exoticism combined with the texture and flavor of tomatoes and peppers. It's fun to taste this with the chewy steamed bun, Tinmo. It goes well with the rice that comes with it.

Tibetan dish "Tasidere"
Exquisite when you eat lamb on steamed bread