Laksa specialty store "Singapore Holic Laksa"

"Singapore Holic Laksa" is a laksa specialty store located about a 1-minute walk from JR Harajuku Station. It is a shop where you can easily enjoy the authentic taste of Singapore. It is opposite "Johnny's Shop Harajuku".

Laksa specialty store "Singapore Holic Laksa"
Singapore Holic Laksa

"Laksa" is a noodle dish that is often eaten in Southeast Asia. This is a typical menu of Peranakan cuisine (Peranakans cuisine), which was created by mixing South China cuisine and Malay Peninsula cuisine.

Like Japanese ramen, there are various types depending on the region, but the laksa offered at this shop is Singapore's "Katon Laksa". The soup is characterized by the richness of coconut milk and the rich soup with various spices. The staff, who were impressed by the deliciousness of the laksa they ate during their trip to Singapore, trained under a Singaporean chef and learned the taste of "authentic laksa".

■ I actually tried it
I ordered the S size of "Laksa". The price is 500 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below), plus 200 yen for soft drinks and 400 yen for alcohol.

Menu of Laksa specialty store "Singapore Holic Laksa"
The menu is quoted from the official website

There are two types of noodles, "short" and "long". There are 5 levels of spiciness, from mild to super hot. You can also enjoy different toppings depending on the amount of money. This time, I added lemon (+50 yen) to the short noodles with mild spiciness and toppings.

Laksa from the Laksa specialty store "Singapore Holic Laksa"

The short noodles have a plump texture. The soup has a fluffy taste of shrimp, and the mellow flavor of coconut milk brings the whole together. The impression is that it is easier to eat than I expected, perhaps because it is arranged to fit the tongue of Japanese people.

Laksa from the Laksa specialty store "Singapore Holic Laksa"
Noodles are plump!

By the way, a friend who often comes to eat says, "Be careful because it's quite spicy above" normal "." Mild is recommended for those who are not good at spicy food. You can enjoy it lightly.

Laksa from the Laksa specialty store "Singapore Holic Laksa"

The soft drink "Detox Water" ordered as a set can be replaced freely. The combination of berries and lemon, I enjoyed the refreshing flavor. It goes perfectly with rich laksa.

Soft drinks from Laksa specialty store "Singapore Holic Laksa"

■ Also the classic "Kaya toast"
Also, don't miss the "Kaya toast". A menu of sweet coconut jam made from coconut milk and butter sandwiched. It seems to be a classic morning in Singapore. The price is 350 yen.

Singapore Holic Laksa "Kaya Toast"
Kaya toast

A combination of moist, mellow and rich coconut jam, butter's smoothness and saltiness, and crispy and fragrant bread, a dish that will make you addicted once you eat it! Compared to general jam, it has less sweetness and is recommended for those who do not usually eat jam.

Singapore Holic Laksa "Kaya Toast"

"Singapore Holic Laksa" is a place where you can enjoy a small trip in Harajuku. When you go to Harajuku, be sure to stop by!

Address: 1-13-21 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 1-13-21