Oxymoron Futakotamagawa "Ethnic Soboro Curry"

"Oxymoron Futakotamagawa" is located on the 7th floor of the Tamagawa Takashimaya SC South Building, about a 2-minute walk from the West Exit of Futakotamagawa Station. It is a shop that offers a special menu such as curry that is finished in a small pot for each plate, coffee that is brewed by dripping one cup at a time, and sweets.

Futakotamagawa "Oxymoron Futakotamagawa"
Oxymoron Futakotamagawa

The most popular is "Ethnic Soboro Curry". This menu is a combination of spicy pork soboro, 4 kinds of flavored vegetables (large leaf, trefoil, green onion, coriander), nuts, and lemon. The price is 1,200 yen (tax included). When ordering, you can adjust the spiciness from "medium spicy". Also, when you order curry, you will get pickles and sweetly coated walnuts.

Oxymoron Futakotamagawa "Ethnic Soboro Curry"
Ethnic Soboro Curry

Oxymoron Futakotamagawa Pickles that come with "Ethnic Soboro Curry"

Light and spicy soboro combined with the refreshing flavor of flavored vegetables! The savory taste of nuts and the crispy texture are a good accent.

Oxymoron Futakotamagawa "Ethnic Soboro Curry"
Spicy pork soboro and fragrant nuts

Squeeze the lemon for a refreshing feel! The impression is different from the menu that you imagine when you hear "curry", but it is spicy and has a good flavor, and the finish is satisfying to eat. Enjoy your favorite way of eating, such as mixing everything or changing the combination with flavored vegetables ♪

Oxymoron Futakotamagawa "Ethnic Soboro Curry"

"Oxymoron Futakotamagawa" is often lined up on holidays. The aim is on weekdays, but the counter seats are quite close to the neighbors, so it may not be suitable for spending time slowly. Recommended when you want to have a quick lunch.

We also recommend the sweets menu " Custard pudding". Check it out as well!

■ Oxymoron Futakotamagawa Address: 3-17-1 Tamagawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo