Bikkuri Donkey "Cheese Samadhi Burg Dish"

At each Bikkuri Donkey store, a limited-time menu with plenty of cheese is available. The lineup consists of three items: "Cheese Zanmai Berg Dish White", "Cheese Zanmai Berg Dish Yellow", and "Wooden Kiln Margherita's Very Matches".

Cheese Zanmai Burg Dish White is a hamburger dish made by sprinkling plenty of fondue-style cheese sauce (white) on the cheese from the popular menu "Cheese Burg Dish". The price starts from 1,038 yen for 150g (5.29oz) (excluding tax, the same applies below).

Cheese Samadhi Burg Dish Yellow is a cheese burger cheese topped with a "rich rich cheese sauce" (yellow). The price starts from 1,038 yen for 150g (5.29oz).

Berry Matches of the wood-fired kiln Margherita is finished by adding "rich rich cheese sauce" (yellow) to the usual wood-fired kiln Margherita. The price is 948 yen.

For cheese lovers, additional cheese sauces (white and yellow) are also available for 200 yen each.

In addition, some stores have different menu contents and prices.