BIKKURI DONKEY Grand Menu Renewal


IKKURI DONKEY's Grand Menu will be renewed on April 12 (Wed.). 4 new a la carte menu items will be introduced, and salads and drinks will be available in new sizes.

In the dish menu, the long-awaited double-size version of the "Potato Salad Packet Dish," which has many core fans, is now available. In addition, two sizes, S and L, will be available for salads and drinks to meet various needs. The "Forest Apple Squash" will not be offered in S size. Hot items will be one size.

BIKKURI DONKEY "Potato Salad Packet Dish

On the dessert menu, the "Hokkaido Mini Soft" strawberry sauce, which has been available for a limited time, and the big-size "Hokkaido Soft Ice Cream with Strawberry Sauce" will be newly added to the grand menu.

BIKKURI DONKEY "Hokkaido Mini Soft Strawberry Sauce

The a la carte menu features the new "Spicy Potatoes" with their addictive spicy flavor. Small-sized small bowls of "Fluffy egg keranchim", "Shrimp and deep-fried eggplant with grated radish" and "Grilled vegetables with mayo cheese" will newly appear as accompaniments to hamburgers and beer.

Spicy Potato

BIKKURI DONKEY "Fluffy egg keranchim", "Shrimp and deep-fried eggplant with grated radish", "Grilled vegetables with mayo cheese
From left to right: "Kelantzim with fluffy egg," "Shrimp and deep-fried eggplant with grated radish," "Grilled vegetables with mayo cheese

BIKKURI DONKEY Grand Menu Renewal

Rice can be changed to cauliflower rice for +110 yen (all tax included).
Dish salad can be served in large portions for +165 yen.
You can change the amount of rice (large portion for 100 yen/small portion for 55 yen discount).
Toppings available on hamburger steak (eggs, grated grated radish 110 yen / cheese (2 sticks), pineapple 180 yen)
* Some items may be served in different ways.
Prices vary by region and store. Some items may not be available at some stores.
A 10% late-night charge will be added to orders placed after 10:00 p.m.
Menu items and serving utensils/containers may vary by season, time of day, and store location.
Gram values of hamburgers are before cooking.
Suppliers and prices are subject to change due to changes in weather and political conditions.
The "Strawberry Milk with Mushibu Kikakukan", "Nigorogoro Kiwi", and "Iki-iki Lactobacillus Yodel" are served without ice.

In order to let more people enjoy the taste of BIKKURI DONKEY's ever-popular "Hokkaido Mini


", the regular price of 200 yen is now being offered at 100 yen. The promotion period is from April 12 (Wed.) to May 30 (Tue.). Hours are from 10:00 a.m. to closing time.

BIKKURI DONKEY "Hokkaido Mini Soft

The raw milk used for the "Hokkaido Mini Soft" comes from a contracted dairy farm in Date City, Hokkaido. It is characterized by the richness and flavor of the milk and its smooth melt-in-your-mouth texture.

The "Hokkaido Mini-Soft Strawberry Sauce" and "Hokkaido Mini-Soft Chocolate Sauce" with additional sauces are also available for 150 yen instead of the regular price of 250 yen.

BIKKURI DONKEY "Hokkaido Mini Soft Strawberry Sauce" and "Hokkaido Mini Soft Chocolate Sauce

The amount of soft serve has been increased (compared to the previous version), but without the white bean paste.
Mini soft serve included in set items (Irodori set) and To go are not available.
Delivery is not available.

Non-alcoholic "Cherry Ruby

" is available from April 12 (Wed.) to July 11 (Tue.). In conjunction with this, the seasonal beer "Cherry Ruby" will also be available for a limited time.

BIKKURI DONKEY "Donkey Free (Cherry)

The menu lineup also includes a set of mini fries for a pleasant snack. Limited to those who order beer and non-alcoholic beverages.


Alcohol cannot be served to those under 20 years old or those driving a car.
Cherry Ruby cannot be taken out or delivered.
Donkey Free (Cherry) cannot be delivered.