BIKKURI DONKEY "Menchikatsu Dish


chi-Katsu Dish" BIKKURI DONKEY restaurants will sell "Menchi-Katsu Dish" from May 31 for a limited time.


Dish" is a plate of hamburger patty covered with fresh bread crumbs, which gives the plate a crispy texture and juicy meat juices. In addition to the three types of menchikatsu dishes that were popular last year (2022), a new luxurious dish menu featuring a menchikatsu on a hamburger steak dish will be introduced in hopes that customers will enjoy both the menchikatsu and hamburger steak at the same time.

Menchikatsu & Hamburger Dish

BIKKURI DONKEY "Menchikatsu & Hamburger Dish

This is what BIKKURI DONKEY is known for! The menchikatsu and hamburger steak dish is topped with the popular original hamburger steak sauce, which is what BIKKURI DONKEY is known for. The soy sauce-based hamburger sauce goes perfectly with the meat and rice. Priced at 1,330 yen (tax included, same as below).

Menchikatsu Dish (without h

amburger steak)
BIKKURI DONKEY "Menchikatsu Dish (without hamburger steak)

A dish without hamburger steak, served with rice, salad, and menchikatsu. Price is 890 yen.

Menchikatsu Curry & Hamburger Dish

BIKKURI DONKEY "Menchikatsu Curry & Hamburger Dish

A dish of spicy curry that goes perfectly with the menchikatsu. This dish is also satisfying and recommended for those who want to eat with gusto. Priced at 1,550 yen.

Menchikatsu Curry Dish (without hamburger steak

BIKKURI DONKEY "Menchikatsu Curry Dish (without hamburger steak)

A dish of spicy curry combined with menchikatsu. No hamburger steak. Price: 1,110 yen.

Menchikatsu with Grated Ponzu & Hamburger Dish

BIKKURI DONKEY "Menchi-Katsu Oroshi Ponzu & Hamburger Dish

A refreshing Japanese-style dish topped with our special ponzu sauce made only with grated daikon radish and yuzu juice from Kochi Prefecture. Price: 1,440 yen.

Menchikatsu with grated radish and ponzu (without hamburger steak)

BIKKURI DONKEY "Menchikatsu Oroshi Ponzu Dish (without hamburger steak)

Recommended for those who want a refreshing meal, this dish combines menchikatsu with grated ponzu. No hamburger steak. Price: 1,000 yen.

Teppan Menchikatsu Spa

BIKKURI DONKEY "Teppan Menchikatsu Spa

A dish of menchikatsu topped with a rich demi-glace sauce and spaghetti, served on a teppan (iron plate). Both children and adults can enjoy this menu item. The price is 1,070 yen.

Menchikatsu A la

BIKKURI DONKEY "Menchikatsu (pork cutlet) by itself

Menchikatsu can be ordered separately. The price is 695 yen.

To go


BIKKURI DONKEY "To go and Delivery Menchikatsu
To go & Delivery Menchikatsu

To go menu of menchikatsu. Sold as a regular item. Priced at 715 yen.

Home Delivery


A menu of home-delivery menchikatsu (only at stores that offer home-delivery). Sold as a regular item. The price is 1,010 yen.

Price varies by region and store. Some stores do not carry this item.