BIKKURI DONKEY "Jocchi Parfait (Marron)

25 Latest Desserts from 7 Family Restaurants Summary

The latest desserts offered at popular family restaurants are summarized! The lineup includes a wide variety of sweets made with chestnuts, grapes, and Cheinmuscat.


BIKKURI DONKEY "Mont Blanc Parfait" etc.

The "Mont Blanc Parfait," "Jocchi Parfait (Marron)," and "Marron Salted Caramel Parfait" are marron (chestnut) desserts that appear only every fall at BIKKURI DONKEY restaurants. Chestnut lovers will love this hearty lineup, available until November 28.

For more details, click here: BIKKURI DONKEY Marron Desserts: "Jocchi Parfait (Marron)," "Mont Blanc Parfait," and "Marron Salted Caramel Parfait


Joyful is holding "Appetizing Feast Time" from September 12 for a limited time. The lineup includes three desserts using an abundance of grapes: "Luxurious Parfait of Two Colors of Plenty of Grapes," "Mini Parfait of Fresh Red Grapes," and "Pancake of Two Colors of Plenty of Grapes.

Joyful "Luxurious parfait of two-colored plentiful grapes" etc.


parfait of two

-color grapes" uses "Muscat of Alexandria" gelato, which is characterized by its refreshing sweetness. The sourness of the yogurt can also be enjoyed as an accent. Priced at 735 yen (tax included, same below).

Fresh Red Grapes Mini Parfait

: Luxurious parfait in a mini size. You can enjoy the sweetness and aroma of the fresh pulp. Priced at 438 yen.

Pancake with grapes in two colors

Joyful "Pancake with two-colored plentiful grapes"

Pancakes with red and white grapes of different contrasting sweetness, served with fluffy batter. Price: 658 yen.


Cocos "Cheinmuscat Fair

Cocos is holding a "Cheinmuscat Fair" from September 7. The lineup includes four items: "Shine Muscat Parfait," "Shine Muscat & Fruit Melting Shortcake," "Mini Shine Muscat Parfait," and "Muscat Sorbet & Vanilla Ice Cream.

Click here for more details: Cocos "Shine Muscat Fair" "Shine Muscat Parfait", "Shine Muscat & Fruit Melted Shortcake", etc. A rewarding sweet treat bursting with crispy, juicy sweetness!


Gusto has introduced three autumn dessert menu items since September 14: "Grape Fromage Parfait," "Grape Fromage Sundae," and "Grape Jelly & Rare Cheese Cream.

Gusto "grape fromage parfait
From left to right: grape fromage parfait, grape fromage sundae, grape jelly & rare cheese cream


Fromage Parfait: Fresh red grapes in season are married with lemon cheese cream, which offers the tartness and richness of lemon. You can choose between soft-serve ice cream or whipped cream. Priced at 700 yen.

Grape Fromage S

undae A sundae combining raspberry sauce, soft serve ice cream (or whipped cream), grapes, cheesecake, lemon rare cheese cream, and grape jelly. Price: 400 yen.

Grape Jelly & Rare Cheese Cream

A mini dessert combining grape jelly and rich rare cheese cream. Price: 250 yen.

Royal Host

Royal Host "Marron Dessert

Marron Dessert" has been available at Royal Host nationwide since September 6. In addition to hojicha tea, which goes well with chestnuts, the lineup includes a total of four unique desserts decorated with autumn leaves (momiji) to give a sense of autumn in their appearance.

Autumn Colorful Parfait - Persimmon and Chestnut

Royal Host "Autumn Colorful Parfait - Persimmon and Astringent Chestnut

This parfait is filled with hojicha jelly, meringue, pecan nuts, chiffon cake, persimmons, and astringent chestnut ice cream, and topped with astringent chestnuts. It is decorated with edible gold leaf powder and twisted chocolate. Price: 1,738 yen.

Brulee parfait with astringent chestnuts and persimmon

Royal Host "Brulee parfait with astringent chestnuts and persimmon

This parfait is made with astringent chestnuts and persimmons that go well with astringent chestnuts, decorated in a floral pattern and finished with a brûlée. The dish harmonizes the aroma of caramelized persimmon and pecan nuts, the bitterness of hojicha (roasted green tea), and the sweetness of red currants. Price: 1,408 yen.

Coffee Jelly Mont Blanc

Royal Host "Coffee Jelly Mont Blanc

Astringent chestnut Mont Blanc with astringent chestnut ice cream and hojicha (roasted green tea) cream. The contrast between the bitter coffee jelly and the sweetness of the astringent chestnuts is exquisite. The price is 968 yen.

[Set of petit desserts of the season] Petit Mont Blanc

Royal Host "[Seasonal Petit Dessert Set] Petit Mont Blanc

A petite dessert consisting of hojicha jelly, astringent chestnut ice cream, marron cream, hojicha fiantine, and astringent chestnuts. Can be ordered as a seasonal petit dessert set for an additional 528 yen (cannot be ordered separately). Choice of petit dessert (mellow café jelly or tiny sweet potato) for Special Lunch, Angus Steak Lunch, and Special Set is an additional 363 yen.


Denny's "The Sundae of Shine Muscat" etc.

Denny's has been offering a total of five desserts made with domestically produced Cheyenne Muscat since September 12.

The Sundae of Sh

ine Muscat
Denny's "The Sundae with Shine Muscat

The Sundae is a luxurious way to enjoy 10 pieces of sparkling, jewel-like Shine Muscat. The refined aroma and rich sweetness of the Shine Muscat can be enjoyed without the seeds and with the skin intact. The sundae is also filled with white grapes, including sorbet, jelly, cream, and sauce. In addition, milk pudding, raspberry cream cheese ice cream, and other ingredients that go well with white grapes are also included. The price is 1,793 yen.

Cheyenne Muscat Parfait

Denny's "Shine Muscat Parfait

This parfait is full of ingredients made from white grapes, including jelly, sorbet, sauce, and cream. A variety of ingredients such as mascarpone cream and raspberry cream cheese ice cream enhance the taste of white grapes. Its refreshing sweetness makes it a perfect after-dinner dessert. Price: 792 yen.

Chokotto Parfait of Cheyenne Muscat

Denny's "Chocolate Parfait with a Little Bit of Cheyenne Muscat

A small parfait of reasonable size. The cream, jelly, sorbet, etc. may be mini in size, but the charm of white grapes can be fully appreciated. With its refreshing taste, this dessert is recommended for those who want a little something sweet. Priced at 495 yen.

New York Cheesecake with Cheyenne Muscat

Denny's "New York Cheesecake with Cheyenne Muscat

A plate of cheesecake with a moist and smooth texture and the richness of cheese that stands out with its refreshing acidity, served with fresh Shine Muscat. Price: 693 yen.

Seasonal Fruit: Sh

ine Muscat
Denny's "Seasonal Fruits - Shine Muscat

A dish in which you can simply taste the seasonal pine muscat as it is. Price: 495 yen.


Jonathan "Jonathan Day with homemade pudding

Jonathan has been offering an autumn sweet menu featuring two varieties of grapes since September 7, and will be available until October 25.

Homemade Pudding Jonathan Day

Jonathan "Jonathan Day with homemade pudding

A satisfying sundae topped with smooth homemade custard pudding, two kinds of sweet and sour grapes, and soft serve ice cream. The raspberry sauce adds a refreshing accent. Priced at 769 yen.

Seasonal Jonah Parfait

jJonathan "Seasonal Jonah Parfait"

A popular seasonal parfait topped with whole grapes. The deep color and moderate acidity of the raspberry sauce, sorbet, and jelly, and the gentle sweetness of the soft-serve ice cream and whipped cream are key points. Priced at 989 yen.

Mini Parfait of Two Kinds of Grapes and Yogurt

Jonathan's "Mini Parfait of Two Kinds of Grapes and Yogurt"

A refreshing mini parfait with yogurt. It is a combination of grape sorbet, Shine Muscat, seedless grape, and grape jelly. It is just the right size for after a meal or when you just want a quick bite. The price is 439 yen.