BIKKURI DONKEY "Menchikatsu Curry & Hamburger Dish" and "Menchikatsu Yaki Curry Rice

BIKKURI DONKEY "Menchikatsu Curry & Hamburger Dish"

and "Menchikatsu Yaki Curry Rice" will be available at BIKKURI DONKEY restaurants from August 30 to October 3. Also available for a limited time is "Orange Yodel" to be enjoyed with the curry.

This limited-time menu item is released with the hope of "making BIKKURI DONKEY's curry more familiar to customers. BIKKURI DONKEY's original curry, with its spicy aroma, is truly a "classic and royal dish.

Menchikatsu Curry & Hamburger Dish

BIKKURI DONKEY "Menchikatsu Curry & Hamburger Dish

The popular "Menchi-Katsu Curry & Hamburger Dish," a limited-time-only menu item, is back. You can enjoy the two compatible flavors of BIKKURI DONKEY's menchikatsu and curry in one dish. Priced at 1,550 yen (tax included, same below).

Menchikatsu Yaki Curry Rice

BIKKURI DONKEY "Menchikatsu Yaki Curry Rice

Rice topped with curry sauce and grilled to perfection with cheese. The dish is also topped with a menchikatsu (minced pork cutlet). The mild flavor can be enjoyed by mixing it with a thick egg. Price: 1,035 yen.

Orange Yodel


BIKKURI DONKEY's original yogurt drink with less acidity and a refreshing orange flavor. It is blended with fresh Hokkaido cream for a mild and thick taste. The price is 390 yen for the S size and 590 yen for the L size.