BIKKURI DONKEY "Regular Burg Dish
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es of Certain Products Prices of certain products at BIKKURI DONKEY restaurants will be revised on October 4 (except at Pocket Kitchen restaurants). The price revisions are in response to soaring procurement prices of key ingredients and rising energy costs.

Prices will be revised mainly for items using hamburgers, while salad and dessert menu items will remain unchanged. The price of "150g (5.29oz) regular hamburger steak" will increase from 795 yen to 810 yen, "150g (5.29oz) cheeseburger dish" from 975 yen to 990 yen, and "200g (7.05oz) regular hamburger steak" from 850 yen to 880 yen, among others.

BIKKURI DONKEY price revision for some products

The To go menu includes "Menchikatsu" from 715 yen to 720 yen, "150g (5.29oz) regular hamburger steak" from 715 yen to 730 yen, "150g (5.29oz) cheeseburger steak" from 895 yen to 910 yen, "300g (10.58oz) regular hamburger steak" from 1,155 yen to 1,200 yen, "300g (10.58oz) cheese Hamburger" will be from 1,335 yen to 1,380 yen.

The "150g (5.29oz) Regular Hamburger" will be from 1,010 yen to 1,030 yen, the "150g (5.29oz) Cheese Hamburger" from 1,260 yen to 1,280 yen, the "300g (10.58oz) Regular Hamburger" from 1,620 yen to 1,680 yen and the "300g (10.58oz) Cheese Hamburger" from 1,870 yen to 1,940 yen. to 1,940 yen.

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The details of the change described in this article are for the Kanto area.
The products available may vary depending on the store.

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