BIKKURI DONKEY "Gulliverization" again this year

BIKKURI DONKEY Gulliver Size From October 4, 2023

BIKKURI DONKEY will offer a "Gulliverized" Gulliver menu for a limited time from October 4 to November 28. The popular menu item will be available again this year in Gulliver size.

The "Gulliver" menu is a limited menu that is only available once a year during this time of the year. In addition to the regular hamburgers, salads, Hokkaido soft-serve ice cream, strawberry milk with a crunchy texture, and other items will be made into Gulliver. A wide range of items from hamburgers to dessert menus will be offered, providing a satisfying menu you will want to try at least once.


Burger The "Gulliver Burger Dish," a 400 g juicy Gulliver-sized hamburger that inspires the spirit of challenge, is available in two types: the "Gulliver Burger Steak," served on an iron plate with a side dish of Gulliver Burger, rice, and salad, and the "Gulliver Burger Dish," a 400 g Gulliver-sized hamburger with a side dish of rice and salad, which is also available on an iron plate. The "Gulliverberg Steak" is served on a teppan with a side dish.

BIKKURI DONKEY "Gulliverberg

A la carte menu

The "Gulliver Salad," available only now, is made with 10 kinds of vegetables and served in a giant 25-centimeter-high glass with a new texture of crispy noodles. Two layers of original dressing and mayonnaise-style dressing spread the flavor throughout, accented by the tartness and sweetness of purple cabbage pickles. Also available is the "Gulliver Rice*," which boasts three times the normal amount of rice.

BIKKURI DONKEY "Gulliverberg

Only for those who order "Gulliver Burg"

Dessert Menu

The dessert menu features "Hokkaido Gulliver Soft," a 20-centimeter-high soft-serve ice cream made with raw Hokkaido milk and served with two types of sauces, strawberry sauce and chocolate sauce, to change the flavor.


Drink Menu

The drink menu features "Surprising Strawberry Milk," a 25-centimeter-tall giant glass of mashed strawberry milk topped with Hokkaido soft serve ice cream.


Dish Menu


Rice can be changed to cauliflower rice. (Change: ¥110)
* Dish salad can be made into a large portion. (Large Dish Salad: ¥165)
* You can change the amount of rice. (Gulliver's exclusive size (3 times the normal amount): 200 yen / Large portion: 100 yen / Small portion: 55 yen discount)
* Cheese is limited to 4 pieces per hamburger per item.

Steak menu


Gulliver Rice" for Gulliver Burger Steak is available only when ordering "Gulliver Burger Steak".
* Cheese is limited to 4 pieces per hamburger steak.

A la carte menu / Dessert menu / Drink menu

BIKKURI DONKEY "A La Carte Menu / Dessert Menu / Drink Menu

To go menu / Delivery menu

To go menu / Delivery menu

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