BIKKURI DONKEY Top 10 Sales Ranking in 2022


Sales Ranking in 2022 BIKKURI DONKEY's Top 10 Sales Ranking in 2022 has been announced. A wide range of menu items were ranked, from standard menu items to specialty side dishes.

Survey period: April 13 to October 31, 2022
Survey entity: ALEPH Corporation
Surveyed stores: 340 (as of October 31, 2022)
Survey method: Calculated by surveying and analyzing actual sales volume data
Surveyed menu: All grand menus (excluding limited time menus, special menus and set menus)

No. 1 Cheeseburger Dish

: A rich, thick cheese made from a special blend developed in-house. 960 yen for 150 g / 1,400 yen for 300 g (tax included).

BIKKURI DONKEY "Cheeseburger Dish


Hot and fluffy fries are a la carte menu item that is a BIKKURIKURI DONKEY staple. Enjoy them with original mayonnaise type or tomato sauce. 440 yen.


No.3 Miso

soup Rich Shinshu koshimiso miso is used to match the main dish of hamburgers. Miso soup ingredients change weekly. 140 yen.


No.4 Regular hamburger dish

Long seller since the early days of the company. The original Japanese-style hamburger sauce is a secret recipe. 150g (5.29oz) 795yen/300g (10.58oz) 1,235yen.

BIKKURI DONKEY "Regular Burg Dish


5 O



Dish The refreshing taste of grated radish and green perilla leaves goes well with the rich flavor of the hamburger steak. 150g (5.29oz) 905yen/300g (10.58oz) 1,345yen.

BIKKURI DONKEY "Grated Soy Burg Dish

No.6 Hokkaido Mini Soft

: A mini size perfect for after dinner. Made with fresh, milky Hokkaido soft serve ice cream. 200 yen. With a white bean. 200 yen.

BIKKURI DONKEY "Hokkaido Mini Soft

No.7 Mushy strawberry milk

: Fresh ripe strawberries are used to make a strawberry sauce that retains the texture of the crushed pulp. The milk is the original with fresh cream added for compatibility with the strawberry sauce. 390 yen.

BIKKURI DONKEY "Strawberry Milk with Mushroomy Texture

No.8 Potato Salad Packet Dish

: Potato salad and melted cheese wrapped inside a hamburger steak and grilled. Hot potato salad made with Japanese Hokkaido-grown potatoes and melted cheese gives it a unique flavor and texture. 150g (5.29oz), 1,015 yen.

BIKKURI DONKEY "Potato Salad Packet Dish

No. 9 Fondue-Style Cheeseburger Dish

: A pure white special blend of cheese, reminiscent of cheese fondue, is melted on top. 150g (5.29oz) 1,015yen/300g (10.58oz) 1,455yen.

BIKKURI DONKEY "Fondue-Style Cheeseburger Dish

No.10 Egg Burger Dish

: A half-boiled fried egg and our original Japanese-style hamburger sauce are a perfect match. 905 yen for 150g (5.29oz) / 1,345 yen for 300g (10.58oz).


Prices vary by region and store. Some stores do not carry this item.
The hamburger shown in the photo of Cheeseburger Dish, Regular Burger Dish, Grated Soy Sauce Burger Dish, Fondue-Style Cheeseburger Dish, and Egg Burger Dish is 300g (10.58oz).