Marugame Seimen Marugame Shake Udon Menu Summary


Seimen Marugame Shake Udon Menu Summary

This is a summary of the Marugame Shake Udon menu sold by Marugame Seimen! Price and sales period are also introduced.

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Udon "Marugame Shake Udon" is a product with a new concept of "emotional To go. This is a step forward from the conventional To go that emphasizes "practicality" as an alternative to in-store eating, and was planned to realize a To go experience that is more fun and exciting. It is said that shaking the udon makes it even tastier by mixing the sticky udon with the ingredients.

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Marugame Seimen has come up with a new type of udon dish that is not so common in the past: Carbonara

Udon with Kokuruma Tamago (Japanese style egg)

. Karbonara Udon with "Kokuuma Tamago no Carbonara Udon This udon has a rich carbonara broth. The thick carbonara dashi (soup stock) adds the flavor of dashi (soup stock) to the carbonara base, creating a Japanese style that goes well with freshly made udon noodles. The combination with garlic-scented bacon adds depth of flavor and makes for an addictive taste.

Carbonara udon noodles with a rich egg 590 yen

Aojiso-scented Tarapote

Bukkake Udon Noodle 540 yen

The combination of the refreshing special aojiso bukkake dashi, flavorful cod roe, and potatoes makes for a perfect match. Tarapote Bukkake Udon with Aojiso Scent The udon noodles are made with a special blue-jiso bukkake-dashi broth. The secret ingredient is a Kishu ume sauce with just the right amount of sourness and a mild butter sauce that maximizes the aroma and richness of the dish. The noodles have a sticky texture and the freshness of the green perilla leaves will fill your mouth as you slurp down the dish, leaving you with a refreshing taste all the way through.

Tara Potato Bukkake Udon with the aroma of green perilla 540 yen

Spicy meat and soboroburo

bukkake udon noodle 490 yen

The meat and soboroboro with ginger and garlic, egg mixed with teriyaki sauce, and sweet and spicy special teriyaki bukkake soup stock are all combined in this


dish. Spicy Soborobukkake Udon The udon is shaken to make the udon sticky. The udon noodles are shaken to make them sticky, and the ingredients and broth are mixed together to make a hearty bowl of udon noodles. The spicy accent of raayu (Chinese chili oil) is the key to the flavor.

Spicy spicy meat and soboroborobukkake udon 490 yen

Frozen lemon grated radish udon with grated radish

490 yen

This Marugame shake udon is topped with a special lemon bukkake dashi with the sour taste and aroma of lemon, a chilled frozen lemon, and grated radish. Oroshi Bukkake Udon with Frozen Lemon and Grated Daikon The udon noodles have a smooth texture and flavor. The udon noodles have a refreshing taste, and the refreshing sourness of the lemon and fresh grated radish add to the thirst-quenching udon noodles and the flavorful bukkake dashi.

Udon noodles with grated frozen lemon and grated radish 490 yen


noodles with grated radish and colorful wild vegetables such as strawberries and royal ferns are combined with udon noodles. Sansai Oroshi Bukkake Udon Udon noodles with grated radish. You can enjoy the refreshing yet flavorful taste of the wild vegetables. The wild vegetables are simmered in a broth, and when you put them in your mouth, the fragrant broth soaks into your mouth and fills your mouth with a rich flavor.

Udon noodles with grated sansai (edible wild vegetables), 450 yen

This shake


is made with a special lemon bukkake dashi with the sourness and aroma of lemon and topped with frozen "frozen lemon" that has been sprinkled with salt. Ultra Cold Frozen Salt Lemon Bukkake Udon Noodle The udon noodles have a smooth texture and flavor. The combination of the refreshing taste of lemon with the thirst-quenching udon noodles and flavorful bukkake dashi makes for a new taste that is perfect for summer. Thanks to the frozen lemon, the udon noodles can be taken home cold.

Ultra cold udon noodles with frozen salt and lemon bukkake: 490 yen, limited time only

Mentaiko Potesara Cream

Udon 540 yen (limited time only

) A cold, thick mentaiko cream dashi, potato salad with mentaiko, and mentaiko (cod roe), this udon has a tangy and mild flavor. Mentaiko Potesara Cream Udon The udon is served with freshly made udon noodles in three ways. Mentaiko lovers can enjoy mentaiko in three different flavors with freshly pounded udon noodles, making this dish a must for mentaiko lovers.

Mentaiko Potesara Cream Udon 540 yen, limited time only


Lemon Negi-Salt Pork Shabu Udon with Negi-Salt Pork Shabu Udon 590 yen (limited time only

) This dish combines firm udon noodles, tender pork shabu seasoned with sesame oil and garlic, and special lemon bukkake dashi with a refreshing sour taste and broth. Udon noodles with frozen lemon negi shio pork shabu shabu Udon noodles with udon noodles. It is topped with frozen lemon.

Udon noodles with iced lemon and shredded pork shabu-shabu with green onion and salt, 590 yen, limited time only

Marugame Shake Udon Ume U

don with grated plum and grated radish, wakame seaweed, and bukkake udon noodles (cold).

390 yen

. The sour ume plum and fresh grated daikon go perfectly with the udon noodles, which are watered down to a smooth, thirst-quenching consistency. It is refreshing and perfect for the hot season.

Marugame Shake Udon Plum Udon with grated Japanese plum 390 yen

Marugame Shake Udon: Mentaiko Tororo Udon 390 yen

: Mentaiko, grated yam, chopped nori, and bukkake udon noodles in a bowl (cold). Cold bukkake udon with mentaiko, grated yam and chopped nori. The spiciness of the cod roe combined with the mildness of the grated yam is a perfect match for the freshly made udon.

Marugame Shake Udon - cod roe udon 390 yen

Marugame Shake Udon Spicy Udon noodles 490 yen

- Udon noodles with hot miso paste, chopped nori and sesame sauce. The spicy hot bean paste is made in the restaurant. It is a combination of chicken and pork with a spicy hot sauce. The richness of the sesame sauce and the spiciness of the raayu (Chinese red chili oil) will whet your appetite.

Marugame Shake Udon noodles - spicy and hot - 490 yen

Marugame Shake Udon Salad Udon with Sesame Dare ¥590

Salad leaf, sesame dressing, and bukkake udon noodles, served cold. For the first time in Marugame's to-go menu, a salad and freshly made udon noodles are served in a cup. The crunchy vegetables, sticky udon noodles, sesame dressing, and bukkake-dashi are a perfect combination for a refreshing taste.

Marugame Shake Udon: Sesadare Salad Udon 590 yen

Marugame Shake Udon Spicy Tangy Salad Udon 740 yen

: Udon noodles with tangy meat miso, salad leaves, and sesame dressing bukkake udon noodles (cold). The colorful crunchy vegetables and sticky udon noodles are combined with the spiciness of the tantan-miso and raayu in this addictive dish. Mix the whole mixture together for a hearty taste.

Marugame Shake Udon: Spicy Tangy Salad Udon 740 yen

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