Hanamaru Udon "Thick Soymilk Tantan Udon"
Mellow and spicy

Hanamaru Udon has started selling the limited-time menu "rich soy milk dandan udon", so I ate it right away. Although it is spicy, it has a soft soup stock, which is a pleasant combination with udon noodles.

A Sichuan-style seasoning with mellow and thick soy milk cream added to the dashi stock and topped with mustard mustard on chicken soboro seasoned with a special sauce. The price is 480 yen for (small) (excluding tax, the same applies below) and 630 yen for (medium), but in the case of Hanamaru, it means "normal" and "large" respectively, so order (small).

Hanamaru Udon "Thick Soymilk Tantan Udon"
Plenty of soy milk!

If you serve it at the counter, it will be enough for lunch. It looks delicious to see that the milky white dashi stock is raged and some balls of chili oil are dropped. I'll take it to my seat and try it.

The dashi stock entwined with udon is very spicy. But thanks to soy milk, it's mild.

At first, I thought that the amount of chicken soboro scattered above was rather small, but when I scooped the bottom of the bowl, it was completely sunk. I couldn't see it because it was hidden behind the dashi stock, but it had plenty of volume as a topping.

Hanamaru Udon "Thick Soymilk Tantan Udon"
chicken sorobo. With crispy mustard

The finely chopped mustard mustard is crispy, and the minced mustard is chewy, and the texture is pleasant when you taste it with the chewy udon noodles.

Hanamaru Udon "Thick Soymilk Tantan Udon"
The soup stock with udon and thick soy milk goes well together.

The soboro and dashi stock have a spicy aroma and taste, so even people who always add condiments to noodles will be satisfied with this time.