Hanamaru Udon Official App Renewal 1st Anniversary Limited App Coupon



Limited App Coupon

to Commemorate 1st Anniversary of Official Hanamaru Udon App Renewal Hanamaru Udon will distribute a limited app coupon from May 18 to June 14 to celebrate the 1st anniversary of the renewal of the Hanamaru Official App. A special coupon for the first download of the app will also be distributed.

The first limited app


will be distributed from May 18 to May 31, with coupons for "100 yen off your favorite udon" and "50 yen off your favorite udon". The second round of coupons will be distributed from June 1 to June 14: "100 yen off your favorite salad udon" and "50 yen off your favorite udon" coupons.

Hanamaru Udon Official App Renewal 1st Anniversary Limited App Coupon

The first download of the


will be rewarded with coupons for "one free tempura" and "100 yen off one udon of your choice" starting May 18. The "1 free tempura" coupon can be used with the purchase of 1 bowl of udon of your choice.

The coupon can be used for both in-store dining and To go.
Coupon can be used only once during the period.
Only one coupon can be used per terminal.
Coupons cannot be used in conjunction with other discount coupons, discount campaigns, or set menus, with the exception of shareholder discount coupons.
Coupons that have expired (20 minutes) and coupons saved as screenshots cannot be used.
Coupons cannot be used at some stores and facilities, automatic ticket vending machine stores, delivery services, mobile ordering, etc.
Not valid at Naha Airport Domestic Terminal Building, Fukuoka Airport Domestic Terminal Building, EAS Okinawa Toyosaki, Tokyo Racecourse, Mina Tenjin, and TXGA Nagareyama Otakanomori.