Hanamaru Udon: Shin Kamen Rider Fair Part 1


Udon: Shin Masked Rider Fair Vol. 1 "Shin Masked Rider Fair Vol. 1" will be held at Hanamaru Udon, Umagena, Sanuki Menya, Tsurusaku, and other restaurants from March 6 (Mon.) as a collaboration to celebrate the release of "Shin Masked Rider". (except for some stores). (Excluding some stores.) Various delivery services are not included.

Shin Masked Rider Fair

Vol. 1

: Shin Masked Rider


The "Shin Masked Rider Set" consists of bukkake udon noodles topped with a dipping sauce made from a unique blend of dried sardines, mackerel bones, bonito flakes, and kelp, and Hanamaru's special "kake-dashi" that is soaked well and served with a fluffy and juicy "kitsune" half udon. The udon is topped with half a juicy "kitsune" (fox), which is soaked in Hanamaru's special "kake-dashi" broth, and a fluffy flower fish paste. The kitsune is designed to resemble a masked rider's scarf, and the hana-kamaboko is designed to resemble a transformation belt.

Hanamaru Udon: Shin Kamen Rider Fair Part 1

The clear file that comes with the Shin Masked Rider Set is a Hanamaru original clear file featuring the Masked Rider from "Shin Masked Rider," Masked Rider No. 2, and SHOCKER, a secret society of love whose purpose is the happiness of mankind. There are a total of three types of clear files (the type of clear file cannot be selected).

Hanamaru Udon: Shin Kamen Rider Fair Part 1

To go and mobile ordering are available. The same price for in-store dining and To go is 600 yen (tax included). For To go, a 30 yen per udon container fee will be charged.

The sales period is from Monday, March 6, 2023 to Sunday, April 9, 2023. Sales may end early due to limited quantities.