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on de Ring Mr. Donut will offer a total of four new "White Pon de Ring" products to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Pon de Ring. Limited time offer. The release date is June 14.



de Ring "White Pon de Ring", as the name suggests, is most notable for its white color. Since doughnuts are generally colored when they are fried, and the color gives the dough a savory flavor, we developed a doughnut dough with a white appearance, savory flavor, and gentle sweetness by adjusting the flavor and sweetness while maintaining the dough's white color.

The texture of the dough is characterized by a new soft and chewy "soft and chewy" texture compared to the sticky texture of the popular standard product "Pon de Ring". The dough also stretches when torn into pieces.

The "White Pon de Ring" offers a simple taste of soft, chewy texture and gentle sweetness, the "White Pon de Castor Almond" has the appeal of crispy almonds, the "White Pon de Mitarashi" is flavored with soy sauce, and the "White Pon de Shiroan" has the taste of Japanese-style confectionery. All four varieties are white in appearance, texture and taste.

White Pon de


: White Pon de Ring dough is glazed and covered with doughnut sugar. You can enjoy the gentle sweetness and soft, chewy texture of these doughnuts. To go 172 yen, eat-in 176 yen (both including tax, same below).

Missed "White Pon de Ring".

White Pon de Custard Almond

The soft and chewy white Pon de Ring dough is topped with custard cream and coated with white chocolate. The savory sliced almonds give the doughnut a delightful texture and a gorgeous appearance. To go 216 yen, eat-in 220 yen.

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White Pon de Mitarashi

The soft and chewy texture of the white pon de ring dough is combined with a soy-sauce flavored Mitarashi sauce to create a doughnut that looks and tastes just like a Mitarashi dumpling. To go: 194 yen; eat-in: 198 yen.

Missed "White Pon de Mitarashi

White Pon

de White An

: Soft and chewy white pon de ring dough topped with white bean paste and glittering toppings. To go: 194 yen; eat-in: 198 yen.

Missed "White Pon de White An

White Pon de

Ring Set

: A To go-only set consisting of four pieces each of "White Pon de Ring," "White Pon de Castor Almond," "White Pon de Mitarashi," and "White Pon de Shiroan" in an original paper bag. The product will go on sale on June 14. Limited quantity. Price: 776 yen.