Hanamaru Udon: 1.5 times more meat! Warm Tanzan Udon Fair

Hanamaru Udon: 1.5 times more meat! Warm U

don Noodle Fair Hanamaru Udon is holding a "Warm Udon Noodle Fair" from February 22 (Wed.) until March 7 (Tue.). Warm Udon Noodle Fair" is being held at Hanamaru Udon starting Wednesday, February 22 (except at some stores), and for two weeks until Tuesday, March 7, various types of udon noodles will be discounted by 50 yen.

1.5 times more meat!

Warm Tanzan Udon


Tanzan udon is one of the most popular seasonal udon dishes. In response to requests for more meat, this year we have increased the amount of meat by 1.5 times (compared to last summer's cold udon noodles).

Two types of sesame seeds, ground sesame and neri-sesame, are blended to increase the amount of sesame approximately 1.8 times (compared to last winter's warm homemade homemade udon). The addition of peanut butter mellows the taste and allows you to enjoy the rich and creamy flavor of sesame. Warm udon noodles are topped with a white sesame-based broth, a generous serving of sweet and spicy chicken minced meat, and green onions.

Sesame Soup Udon

: Udon noodles with the delicious taste of white sesame straight from the bowl. It has a mild and gentle taste and is smooth and easy to eat.

Hanamaru Udon "Gomadareta Udon" (Sesame Stretched Udon Noodle)

Spicy Sesame Soup


: Spicy soup with thick white sesame broth and aromatic sesame raayu (sesame oil). The brightly colored appearance stimulates the appetite. It is not only spicy, but also has a deep taste, and is recommended for those who are not satisfied with regular sesame homemade homemade homemade noodles.

Hanamaru Udon "spicy udon noodles

Kurogoma Tantan Udon

: Thick white sesame broth topped with a black sesame sauce for a rich sesame flavor. The use of roasted black sesame makes the sesame flavor, sweetness, and aroma stand out even more.

Hanamaru Udon "Kurogoma Tangy Udon

Prices, including tax, for both in-store dining and To go are as follows (prices may differ at some stores). A 30 yen per udon container fee will be charged for To go.

Sesami tanzan udon (small) 540 yen (medium) 670 yen (large) 820 yen
Spicy tanzan udon (small) 540 yen (medium) 670 yen (large) 820 yen
Black sesame tanzan udon (small) 590 yen (medium) 720 yen (large) 870 yen

<Normal prices from March 8>
Sesami tanzan udon (small) 590 yen (medium) (small) 590 yen (medium) 720 yen (large) 870 yen
Spicy sesame udon noodles (small) 590 yen (medium) 720 yen (large) 870 yen
Black sesame udon noodles (small) 640 yen (medium) 770 yen (large) 920 yen
Oi-meshi (small rice) 130 yen

Available from Wednesday, February 22 to early April, 2023. Mobile ordering available. A 10% discount campaign is available for mobile orders until February 28 (Tue.).