Nakau "3 Kinds of Mushroom Oyakodon"

At each Nakau store, "3 Kinds of Mushroom Oyakodon" will be released on October 18th, where you can fully enjoy "mushrooms". Limited time until early December.

This is a new menu following the "Oyakodon of 4 kinds of cheese" released as the first "Oyakodon Revolution" in the 24th year of Nakau. Maitake mushrooms, Bunashimeji mushrooms, and King trumpet mushrooms are cut so that the texture remains, and cooked in the store to bring out the umami and flavor peculiar to mushrooms. Sprinkle with the attached pepper garlic for a spicy accent.

The price is 450 yen for mini, 590 yen for average, 650 yen for large, and 750 yen for special, all including tax.