KALDI Christmas Products

KALDI Christmas Products

: Over 240 Items Over 240 items are lined up for the Christmas season at KALDI Coffee Farm stores. A number of unique items such as advent calendars, traditional sweets, hot drinks, etc. will be available to give you the feeling of Christmas markets overseas.

Below is a sampling of some of the featured items.

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Original Tin House Calendar

KALDI "Original Tin House Calendar"

The small tins lined up inside a large house contain either strawberry or lemon flavored candies or chocolates. The calendar can be enjoyed as a music box with a Christmas song playing when the screw on the roof is turned. Priced at 4,180 yen (tax included).

Original Christmas Wooden House Calendar

KALDI's "Original Christmas Wood House Calendar

A cute advent calendar with a series of small houses. The calendar will be on sale sequentially from late October. The price is 4,389 yen.

Original Christmas Socks

KALDI "Original Christmas Socks

A large sock with animals enjoying Christmas inside, filled with 7 kinds of sweets such as cookies and chocolates, and drip coffee perfect for the holiday season. Priced at 1,134 yen.

Original Crystal Canister

KALDI "Original Crystal Canister

This sparkling glass canister with delicate patterns contains three different flavors of candy: apple, grape, and soda. The jewel-like beauty makes it a perfect gift. Priced at 715 yen.

Jean Nats Christmas Blend

KALDI "Jan Nut Christmas Blend".

A limited Christmas blend from the French tea brand "Jean Nats. Ceylon tea with raspberry flavor, chocolate chips and rose petals are added. Recommended for use with milk tea, it will go on sale sequentially from early November. Priced at 1,188 yen.

Schlunder Mini Marzipan Stollen / Mini Apple Stollen

KALDI "Schlunder Mini Marzipan Stollen / Mini Apple Stollen

Stollen, a traditional German pastry, is sliced thinly and eaten little by little during Advent. Two types of Stollen will be available: "Mini Marzipan Stollen" baked with plenty of dried fruits such as orange peel and raisins, and "Mini Apple Stollen" with the texture of apples and the aroma of cinnamon. They will go on sale sequentially from early November. Priced at 598 yen each.

Seri Exquisites Christmas Cannoulet

KALDI's "Seri Exquisite Christmas Canulée"

A tree-shaped canele with chocolate filling that can be enjoyed by simply defrosting it naturally. Perfect for parties. Available in two varieties: vanilla canele & white chocolate and chocolate canele & dark chocolate. Priced at 537 yen.

Simon Cole Hot Chocolate 60% Cacao (Vanilla/Cinnamon

KALDI "Simon Cole Hot Chocolate 60% Cacao (Vanilla/Cinnamon)

Hot chocolate from the long-established Spanish manufacturer "Simóncor" is made by heating milk to just before boiling, adding chocolate, and stirring until smooth and melted. You can enjoy the elegant and rich aroma of cacao. It can also be enjoyed as a chocolate fondue by reducing the amount of milk. Two flavors, vanilla and cinnamon, are lined up for sequential release in early December. The price is 598 yen.

Original Glühwein Set

KALDI "Original Glühwein Set"

A set of white wine-based glühwein with apple and cinnamon flavors, and a cup with a boot motif designed based on a ceramic mold used in Germany. The price is 877 yen.

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