Nakau "Shio Dashi Oyakodon" (Salt Dashi Oyako Donburi)

Nakau will release "Shio Dashi Oyakodon" on June 2 at 11:00 a.m. (except at some stores). Takeout is also available.

Shio Dashi Oyakodon

Since its launch in 1994, Nakau has been offering oyakodon made to order and cooked in the restaurant, and now offers a new version, called "shio dashi oyakodon. This oyakodon is made with a special salt broth instead of warishita. The blend of mild and refined salt from the Seto Inland Sea and rich rock salt from the German Alps enhances the flavor of the kelp, giving the dish a salty yet gentle taste.

Nakau "Shio Dashi Oyakodon" (Salt Dashi Oyako Donburi)

The texture and sweetness of the generous amount of white onion accentuate the flavor. The large pieces of chicken and the soft and fluffy egg are intertwined with the special salted broth. You will not be able to stop eating.

Nakau "Shio Dashi Oyakodon" (Salt Dashi Oyako Donburi)

The price including tax is as follows.

Shio-dashi oyakodon (small portion) 500 yen
Shio-Dashi oyako donburi (regular size) 550 yen
Shio-Dashi oyako-don (large portion) 620 yen
Shio-Dashi oyako-don (large): 620 yen

Nakau's official app allows customers to make reservations for takeout. If you order in advance, you can pick up your order without waiting at the store.