New price of Nakau "oyakodon" (oyako-don): 490 yen for a regular portion, 450 yen for a bowl of rice.


Oyakodon New Price

Nakau will revise the price of its signature dish, Oyakodon, in order to allow more people to enjoy its signature dish, Oyakodon. The current price of 490 yen for a bowl of oyako-don is now 450 yen (all prices include tax), starting at 11:00 a.m. on April 6.


Nakau's signature dish, "oyakodon," is a dish of pride, carefully prepared one by one in a hand-pan. It is made with large pieces of chicken meat and a special sauce made from three different kinds of soy sauce, and is served with a rich, thick egg that has been carefully selected from the feedstuff.

In addition, the "Miso Soup Kyoto-style Tsukemono Set (150 yen)" and "Small Hai Kara Udon Kyoto-style Tsukemono Set (230 yen)" were introduced this spring, making it possible to order a set at a more affordable price.

The new prices are as follows

Small bowl of rice 450 yen → 410 yen
Normal bowl of rice 490 yen → 450 yen
Large bowl of rice 560 yen → 520 yen

* Take-out available