Ministop "Bucket Mango Rare Cheese"
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Bucket sweets "Bucket Mango Rare Cheese" and "Infinite Hokkaido Milk Pudding" are on sale at each Ministop store. The prices are 500 yen and 348 yen (both including tax).

Bucket Mango Rare Cheese is a sweet made from two layers of mango pudding and rare cheese mousse. Topped with whipped cream and mango. Limited sale for 2 weeks. The product (container) size is 13 cm wide x 10 cm high x 13 cm deep.

Ministop "Bucket Mango Rare Cheese"

Mugen Hokkaido Milk Pudding is a sweet made from Hokkaido milk with a smooth milk pudding and a thick milk sauce. Limited sale for 3 weeks.

Ministop "Infinite Hokkaido Milk Pudding"