Ministop New Sweets "Gurukul Caramel Macchiato


will release "Gurukuru Caramel Macchiato," a


autumn/winter product made with café au lait pudding and ice, from the popular Gurukuru series of "drinkable" desserts that you can drink while mixing. Gurukul Caramel Macchiato" will be released.

Gurukul Caramel


is a frappe-type product made by adding ice to café au lait pudding in the fall and winter. It is a reproduction of the "Caramel Macchiato," a popular winter menu item at specialty stores.

Ministop New Sweets "Gurukul Caramel Macchiato


combination of café

au lait pudding and caramel


The café au lait pudding made with espresso coffee is combined with caramel sauce to create a rich taste with a hint of coffee bitterness in the sweetness.

It is designed to be even tastier by mixing the whole mixture in a gluey, cruisey way. The most recommended way to drink it is to enjoy the appearance first, and then mix it about 30 times before drinking.

The product will be available at Mini Stop stores in Japan from November 18, 2022. The price is 399.60 yen (tax included, to-go). Energy content is 227 kcal.