Ministop "Dream Combo - Honey Potato & Pudding

Ministop "Dream Combo - Honey Imo & Pudding" New Sweets

The popular "Taiwan Honey Imo Soft" and "Smooth Pudding Parfait" together, "Dream Combo - Honey Imo & Pudding" will be available at Ministop stores from September 8. The price is 538 yen (581.04 yen including tax).

Dream Combo - Honey Imo &

Pudding -

Rich, smooth pudding topped with Ministop's signature soft-serve vanilla ice cream and topped with crispy roasted sugar. In addition, the warm honey-rich baked sweet potato "Taiwan honey potato" is paired with it. The hot and cold "hot and cold" flavor is a Ministop specialty that is sure to please sweet potato lovers.

Prices are based on the reduced tax rate of 8% applied to take-out orders. The standard tax rate of 10% is applied when eating and drinking at the eat-in space. When purchased as a single item, the price including tax is rounded down to the nearest whole number.