Ministop "Melted Tiramisu Pudding Parfait

Ministop Melting Tiramisu Pudding Parfait Getsumori Tiramisu P

udding Parfait Ministop will sell "Melting Tiramisu Pudding Parfait" and "Getsumori Tiramisu Pudding Parfait" inspired by popular sweet "Tiramisu". The "Melting Tiramisu Pudding Parfait" is priced at 399.60 yen and the "Tokumori Tiramisu Pudding Parfait" is priced at 581.04 yen (both including tax).


Tiramisu P

udding Parfait The bitterness of the tiramisu pudding and soft-serve ice cream are a perfect match! The bitterness of the Colombian coffee sauce and the gentle richness of the Hokkaido mascarpone cheese create a well-balanced parfait. This product is perfect for early summer when the temperature rises. The "Tokumori Tiramisu Pudding Parfait" contains twice the amount of tiramisu pudding, making it a perfect choice for early summer when the temperature rises. You can enjoy it to the fullest.

Ministop "Melted Tiramisu Pudding Parfait
Melted Tiramisu Pudding Parfait

Ministop "Gets Mori Tiramisu Pudding Parfait".
Tiramisu Pudding Parfait

Prices are based on the reduced tax rate of 8%, which applies to takeout. The standard tax rate of 10% applies when eating and drinking at the eat-in space. When purchased as a single item, the price including tax is rounded down to the nearest whole number.