Ministop "Smooth Pudding Parfait" and "Dekasori Smooth Pudding Parfait

Ministop New Sweets "Smooth Pudding Parfait" "Tokumori Smooth Pudding

Parfait" "Smooth Pudding Parfait" and "Tokumori Smooth Pudding Parfait" will be available from Ministop. The release date is September 8. The prices are 410.40 yen and 581.04 yen (both including tax).



is a perfect combination of smooth pudding, bitter caramel sauce, crispy roasted sugar, and soft vanilla ice cream. The rich flavor of the parfait is created by adding French fermented butter. The eggs used in the parfait are made with the same egg, "Egloyale," and the custard flavor, which is a must-have for pudding lovers, can be felt.

The "Smooth Pudding Parfait" and the "Tokumori Smooth Pudding Parfait" are the perfect sweets for the deepening autumn season. Pudding lovers should check them out! How about these for an autumn treat?