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Latest Sweets from 4 Convenience Stores All ● Items

The latest convenience store sweets available now (November 10, 2023) are summarized! 33 items from 4 companies: 7-Eleven, Lawson, FamilyMart, and Ministop! What will you have for a snack today?

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* Availability may vary by region and store
* Sources of images are the official websites and press releases of each company

New arrivals from 7-ELEVEN on November 7


Brazilian Pudding

7-ELEVEN "Brazilian Pudding

A pudding with a rich, thick taste using condensed milk and cocoa sponge layered on top, a standard pudding in Brazilian households. Price: 267.84 yen.

Bite-sized Cheesecake

7-ELEVEN "A Bite of Cheesecake

A bite-sized cheesecake with a rich, smooth texture that is easy to eat. Priced at 324 yen.

Lotte Sou - Old-fashioned Fruit Ore

Lotte Sou - old-fashioned fruit ore

Price: 172.80 yen.

Meiji Essel Caramel Chocolate Cookie

Meiji Essel Caramel Choco Cookie

Price: 172.80 yen.

7Premium La France as if it were Yamagata-grown La France

7Premium LaFrance, just like Yamagata-grown LaFrance

La France-flavored ice cream bar from the "As if" series that makes you feel as if you are eating frozen fruit. Priced at ¥170.64.

Takeshita Black Mont Blanc Gion Tsujiri Green Tea & Hojicha

Takeshita Black Mont Blanc Gion Tsujiri Matcha & Hojicha

Price: 248.40 yen.

Seria Royle Tyrol Kinako Mochi Ice Cream

Seria Royle Chiror Kinako Mochi Ice Cream

Price: 257.04 yen.

7Premium Sweet Parfait Chocolate Banana

7Premium Sweets Parfait Chocolate Banana

Parfait ice cream combining chocolate and banana. Price: ¥321.84.

Chateraise Choco Banana Bar Multi

Chateraise Chocolate Banana Bar Multi

Price: ¥537.84.

7-Eleven New Arrival Sweets

Uji Matcha Cream Daifuku

to be

released on November 8

7-ELEVEN "Uji Green Tea Cream Daifuku

Daifuku" is made by wrapping matcha whipped cream and matcha red bean paste, which give it the aroma and bitterness of Uji matcha, in soft and chewy rice cake dough, and sprinkling matcha on top. The price is 159.84 yen.

Uji Matcha Babaroa

7-ELEVEN "Uji Green Tea Babaroa

Aromatic Uji green tea flavored babaroa with whipped cream and sweet bean paste. Price: 302.40 yen.

7-Eleven's new sweet


Golden Sweet Potato" with vanilla beans from Madagascar

to be

released on November 9

7-Eleven "Golden Color Sweet Potato with Vanilla Beans from Madagascar

Japanese sweet potato, Hokkaido fermented butter, fresh cream, and 100% Madagascar vanilla beans are added to create an aromatic flavor. The price is 205.20 yen.

7Premium Mame Daifuku "Mame Daifuku" with sweet sweet

bean paste
7-ELEVEN "7 Premium Mame Daifuku, Soft An (sweet bean cake)

Mame Daifuku" is made with a pounded rice cake dough and filled with slowly cooked, flavorful tsubuan-an (sweet bean paste). Price: 149.04 yen.

7 Premium

Brown Sugar Manju with Koshi An

7-ELEVEN "7 Premium Brown Sugar Manju Koshian

Brown sugar manju with a rich brown sugar flavor. The price is 138.24 yen.

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LAWSON new sweets


Doramocchi Honey Potato

" to be

released on November 7

Lawson "Doramocchi: Honey Potato

Autumn doramocchi with mitsumo bean paste and mitsumo cream that are a perfect match. Price: 225 yen. Calories 237kcal.

Shibukawa Marron Cream Puffs

LAWSON "Shibukawa Marron Cream Puff

Double cream marron puffs that allow you to fully enjoy the autumn taste of chestnuts. Price: ¥235. 335 calories.

Marron canele with a single chestnut

LAWSON "Marron Canulé with a single chestnut

A canelet filled with the delicious taste of chestnuts, with a crispy outside and a firm texture inside. Price: ¥235. Calories 151kcal.

Kinako Japanese Parfait

Lawson "Kinako no Wa Parfait" (Japanese parfait with soybean flour)

A Japanese parfait in which you can enjoy kinako (soybean flour), anko (red bean paste), and shiratama (white rice balls) together. Price: 300 yen. Calories 246kcal.

Uchicafé Italian Marron Waffle Cone 160ml (5.41us fl oz)

LAWSON "Uchicafé Italian Marron Waffle Cone 160ml

A waffle cone made with Italian marron paste, allowing you to enjoy the taste of the ingredients. Price: ¥311. Calories 256kcal.

Double Chocolate Cookie 1pc

LAWSON "Double Chocolate Cookie 1pc.

Cookies with chocolate chunks and chocolate chips to enjoy the taste of chocolate. Price: 158 yen. Calories 273kcal.

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November 7 release: FamilyMart new sweets


Cheese Cake

FamilyMart "Dark Taste Cheesecake

A moist cheesecake with a rich flavor and texture, made with cream cheese. The price is 145 yen. Sold nationwide except Okinawa Prefecture.

Kokoku Nama Pudding

FamilyMart "Kokusai Pudding

Rich custard pudding with fresh cream mixed in. Available only at FamilyMart. Price: 170 yen. Sold nationwide.

Eat Fruits Large Grape Jelly

FamilyMart "Eat Fruits: Large Grape Jelly".

Grapes jelly with plenty of pulp. FamilyMart exclusive. Price: 268 yen. Sold nationwide.

Lotte Waffle Cone Tokyo Ban

FamilyMart "Lotte Waffle Cone Tokyo Banana

Under the supervision of Tokyo Banana, the flavor of the ice cream has been tailored to a quality that allows you to enjoy the flavor of Tokyo Banana, a Western-style confectionery. The sugar cone uses whole wheat flour as part of the flour, giving it a good savory taste. Limited to Family Mart and in limited quantities. Price: 321 yen. Available nationwide.

FamilyMart's new sweet


Slowly Baked Fabreton

" to be

released on November 10

FamilyMart "Slowly Baked Fabreton

A traditional sweet popular in the Bretagne region of France. It is made by adding raisins to a dough of eggs, sugar, milk, flour, etc., layered with candy dough, baked slowly, and finished with a whipped topping. The price is 288 yen. Sold throughout Japan except Okinawa Prefecture.

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Ministop sweets on sale on October 27


Fragrant Vietnamese cacao chocolate soft/mixed

Ministop "Aromatic Vietnamese Cacao Chocolate Soft/Mixed".

This is the second year for the soft-serve ice cream using "60 Days Chocolate" (cacao trace) from Vietnam, which is processed into chocolate within 60 days after the cacao harvest, so that the fresh cacao aroma can be tasted. The price is 313.20 yen. The price is 313.20 yen.

Tokumori Soft Aromatic Vietnamese Cacao Chocolate Soft / Mix

Ministop "Dekumori Soft Aromatic Vietnamese Cacao Chocolate Soft / Mixed".

A hearty "Tokumori" version of the "Aromatic Vietnamese Cacao Chocolate Soft/Mix". The price is 399.60 yen.

Premium Chocolat Soft

Ministop "Premium Chocolat Soft

Chocolat soft serve ice cream topped with a chocolate molten blanc sauce made with 60days chocolate and soft raw chocolate rice cake. You can enjoy the gorgeous chocolate aroma and moderate sourness. The price is 399.60 yen.

New Ministop sweets to be on sale on October 31st


Vietnamese Chocolate Cake

Vietnamese chocolate cake

Ministop "Gorotte Texture! Vietnamese Chocolate Cake

The chocolate cake is made of a crispy chocolate-flavored tart dough topped with a chocolate-flavored cake and "Vietnamese chocolate" topping. You can also taste the difference in texture between the cake dough and tart dough. The price is 170.64 yen.

Roll cake cut into four pieces (Vietnamese coffee)

Ministop "Roll Cake in Four Slices (Vietnamese Coffee)

Vietnamese coffee is used in the sponge and cream. It is cut into four easy-to-eat pieces. Price: 170.64 yen.

Vietnamese cacao

chocolate cream puffs

Ministop "Vietnamese Cacao Chocolate Cream Puffs".

The same 60days chocolate is used in the cream puffs as in the "Aromatic Vietnamese Cacao Chocolate Soft". It is a product with just the right amount of bitterness, a hint of sourness, and a fruity taste. It is priced at 213.84 yen.

Vietnamese Cacao Chocolate Tart

Ministop "Vietnamese Cacao Chocolate Tart

This chocolate tart is made with the same 60DAYS chocolate as the "Fragrant Vietnamese Cacao Chocolate Soft". It has a moderate bitterness, a hint of sourness, and a fruity taste. The tart is made with a financier-like dough and a tart base so that the chocolate flavor can be enjoyed. The price is 237.60 yen.

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New Ministop sweets


Melting Fondant Chocolat

" to be

released on November 10

Ministop "Melted fondant chocolat

Fondant Chocolat, an autumn/winter staple that has been on sale since 2012, is a luxurious "hot and cold" sweet that combines cold soft serve ice cream and warm fondant chocolat, a Ministop specialty. The ingredients are made from Aromatic Vietnamese Cacao Chocolate Soft Cream The ingredients are the same "60days chocolate" from Vietnam used in the "Aromatic Vietnamese Cacao Chocolate Soft Cream". The fondant chocolate is finished with a gorgeous aroma and a hint of sourness. It has an energy content of 378 kcal and is priced at 388.80 yen.

Ministop "Melted fondant chocolat

For more details, please click here: Ministop "Melting Fondant Chocolat" topped with soft-serve ice cream to be released on November 10! Discount coupon distribution via app!