Kura Sushi "Pirate Shari Curry" Shark ☆ Shari Curry
Above is the "fried shark"

At each Kura Sushi store, "Pirate Shari Curry" using "rare seafood" such as sharks and mahi mahi will be on sale from March 3 (excluding some stores). The price is 486 yen (tax included).

Pirate sushi curry is the popular "Sushiya sushi curry" from Kura Sushi, topped with "fried fish" that is crispy fried in a garment containing 10 kinds of spices. It took five years to develop the batter.

There are 8 types of fried fish. The first is "Shark ☆ Shark Curry", which is a fried shark that is said to be a fish known to those in the know. You can enjoy the crispy texture of the batter and the plump and juicy taste of the chicken.

Kura Sushi "Shark ☆ Shari Curry"
The spicy taste of crispy batter becomes a habit

Following this, the lineup of pirate rice curry that will be released sequentially is as follows.

・ Striped beakfish ☆ Shari curry
Kura Sushi "Striped Beakfish ☆ Shari Curry"

A striped beakfish sushi curry that uses a whole animal in a luxurious way. It features an elegant taste and a firm white texture.

・ Squid squid ☆ Shari curry
Kura Sushi "Squid squid ☆ Shari curry"

Plenty of Japanese flying squid geso is used. You can enjoy the chewy texture peculiar to Geso.

・ Squid ears ☆ Shari curry
Kura Sushi "Squid Ear ☆ Shari Curry"

Shari curry with whole squid ears. It features a thick texture. According to the person in charge of developing Kura Sushi, the Japanese flying squid is the best match for spices among the eight types of seafood.

・ Alaska pollack ☆ sushi curry
Kura Sushi "Alaska Pollack ☆ Shari Curry"

You can enjoy a light and elegant taste.

・ Tuna head meat ☆ Shari curry
Kura Sushi "Tuna Head Meat ☆ Shari Curry"

A rare part where only one to two tuna can be taken. Soft and juicy taste.

・ Mahi-mahi ☆ Shari curry
Kura Sushi "Mahi Mahi ☆ Shari Curry"

Mahi-mahi can be eaten as a high-class fish in Hawaii with steak. It is characterized by its chewy texture and firm fish umami.

・ Soft shell crab ☆ Shari curry
Kura Sushi "Soft Shell Crab ☆ Shari Curry"

The shell, which is soft enough to be cut with a spoon, is crispy and fragrant, and the inside is fluffy and juicy. Served in half to make it easier to eat.

From all eight types of fried fish mentioned above, one type will be offered daily at each store according to the purchase and sales situation. This is a limited-time menu and will end as soon as it runs out.

◆ Sweet and spicy W shari curry is also on sale at the same time

"Sushiya Shari Curry" and "Sushiya Shari Curry Sweet" sweetened with Alfonso Mango are also on sale at the same time as "Sweet Spicy W (Double) Shari Curry". The price is 486 yen (tax included).

Kura Sushi "Sweet Spicy W Shari Curry"
You can enjoy sweet and spicy curry at the same time

A slightly sour sushi rice (vinegared rice) is combined with a sweet curry with a fruity sweetness and a spicy curry with a strong spice. You can taste each separately, but it is recommended to mix the two types of curry and taste them at the same time. The spicy curry and the mellow sweetness of mango are in harmony, and the deep taste spreads throughout the mouth.

◆ Rakuten points can be used and accumulated

From April 1st, payments using "Rakuten Super Points" will be available at Kura Sushi nationwide. You can also collect points with Kura Sushi. The point award rate is 1 point for every 200 yen (excluding tax).

Also, credit cards can be used from the same day. The targets are VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMEX, Diners, and Discovery.

To commemorate this, "Rakuten Neriten," which resembles Neriten as a "Rakuten card," will be on sale in limited quantities from April 14 (excluding some stores). The price is 100 yen for 2 sheets (excluding tax). After receiving the order, it will be served freshly fried.

Kura Sushi "Rakuten Neriten"
Rakuten Neriten like a card