Calbee "Oyazuriko Honey & Butter Corn Flavor

Calbee Oyatsuriko Honey & Butter Corn Flavor

Calbee's unique manufacturing process gives the Jagarico brand a pleasant "crispy at first, crunchy later" texture. Honey & Butter Corn Flavor" is now on sale. Convenience stores will be the first to receive the product, which will be available until early October. Non-convenience store outlets will begin selling the product on May 22. Estimated price is around 150 yen (tax included).


Honey & Butter Corn Flavor

"Oyattsuriko" is a new series using the "Jagariko method". The new series will be marketed as "sweet and tasty snack sticks. Each flavor is made with a different ingredient, giving the snacks a sweet-like taste. The sticks have a "crispy-crunchy" texture and just the right amount of sweetness.

The first "Oyatrico Honey & Butter Corn Flavor" uses sweet corn as its main ingredient. The flavor is honey butter, which is popular among women. Cheese is added as a secret ingredient to create a delicious taste that lingers in the mouth. It is a perfect treat for yourself or as a snack.