Yesterday, I carried out a project "Is ramen made with a microwave oven good?" And compared "instant noodles made with a microwave oven" and "instant noodles made with a pot".

I've always been curious during the experiment. That is, the shape of this "range and ramen" donburi "is not necessary" is similar to Nissin Yakisoba UFO.

Let's compare! This is Nissin Yakisoba UFO.

And here is "I don't need a ramen" don "in the microwave".

How is it? I think both of them are similar to Kaori Manabe and Kayo Sato.

Because it's so similar, I think you can make yakisoba using "I don't need ramen" don "in the microwave".

Furthermore, the author paid attention to the three holes made in the lid of "I don't need the ramen" don "in the microwave oven". This is originally intended to release water vapor generated during cooking in the microwave. However, it seems that it can also be used as a hot water drain hole for cup yakisoba.

Can this be done?

With that said, we will carry out an extra experiment. Is it possible to make yakisoba with "I don't need ramen" don "in the microwave"?

■ Try making instant "yakisoba" in the microwave

Let's start the experiment!

1. Prepare yakisoba

This time, I decided to use "Large Nissin Yakisoba 1.5 times as much as our company".

2. Add noodles and water, put in a microwave oven, and heat at 600W for 9 minutes. Then take it out of the microwave

Since the amount of yakisoba was 1.5 times, the heating time was also 1.5 times (usually 6 minutes).

3. Drain the water

Now, the experiment reaches its climax. Is it possible to drain hot water in the hole in question?
If all goes well, this experiment is as good as successful. Let's drain the water!

The hot water was drained wonderfully and smoothly.
It is not inferior to the hot water drain of commercially available cup yakisoba.
This is also promising for the taste!

4. Sprinkle the sauce

I will call you.

5. Sprinkle green laver

I will call you.

6. Try to eat

Let's eat! It looks delicious! !!

Let's eat!
...... That, what? ??

It's not delicious at all! I can't feel the aroma of the Nissin Yakisoba sauce at all.
The experiment is a disaster. But why? ??

7. Let's bake

Try baking in a frying pan to find out the cause of the failure.

Oh, it smells good. This is this!

8. Transfer to a plate

Oh yeah, this smell!

9. I will eat

Yeah, this is it.
This is the usual taste of "Nissin Yakisoba".
Apparently, Nissin Yakisoba doesn't have the aroma of the sauce unless it is baked. Sorry!

■ Conclusion

As a result of this experiment, it was found that instant fried noodles cannot be made with "No need for ramen" don "in the microwave". It's not impossible to make it, but it's not delicious, so it's better to stop it. It's a shame because it looks like a UFO.

It's a guess, but the sauce that comes with the cup yakisoba may have been devised so that it can be savory without being baked.

Today's lesson:
"Yakisoba is better to bake"

It is better to grill yakiniku, fried rice, and yakitori.


"Kaori Manabe and Kayo Sato are certainly similar, but Ramen's Jin Katagiri and Lotti's Soichi Nakaoka are more similar."