FamilyMart New "Okonomi-yaki Pork Okonomiyaki Tamago" and "Oomori Sauce Yakisoba" under the supervision of "Fukutaro".

FamilyMart's new

"Okonomi-yaki Pork


and "Large-size Sauce Yakisoba" supervised by "Fukutaro


are now on sale from FamilyMart's private brand "Famimaru KITCHEN". Sales area excludes Okinawa Prefecture.


"Fukutaro" is a long-established okonomiyaki restaurant with three locations in Osaka City that draw long lines. In addition to okonomiyaki, the restaurant also offers negiyaki, yakisoba, and teppan cuisine. Both of the new products are made with Fukutaro's specialties and are as delicious as the authentic Osaka okonomiyaki.

Okonomiyaki Pork Ball supervised by Fukutaro of Minami:

A batter with kelp dashi, ingredients, shrimp powder, and squid powder are added to the batter and baked to a fluffy texture. Red ginger accents the flavor. The sauce is made with chili peppers and beef extract for a spicy taste. The price is 598 yen (tax included, same as below). The product will go on sale on September 13 only in Hokkaido.

Famima "Okonomiyaki Pork Balls supervised by Minami no Fukutaro

Minami no Fukutaro's Omori Sauce Yakisoba

is a large bowl of yakisoba noodles topped with stir-fried pork, stir-fried vegetables, green onions, and red ginger. It is seasoned with a rich sweet sauce that goes well with the thick noodles. The price is 550 yen.

Famima "Minami no Fukutaro Supervisor Large-size Sauce Yakisoba

Yasuo Nakanishi of "Fukutaro" commented

, "We have made many attempts to reproduce the taste of freshly baked noodles at our restaurants. As a result, we believe that we have succeeded in creating a product that conveys the taste of our store to customers who have difficulty visiting our stores. We hope that many customers will give it a try.

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