Gyoza no Ousho "Vegetable Stewed Ramen
Vegetable Stewed Ramen

Gyoza no Ousho Vegetable Stewed Ramen

"Vegetable Stewed Ramen" from Gyoza no Ousho will be available from March 1 to 31, 2023.

Gyoza no Ousho "Vegetable Stewed Ramen

Based on the soup that was served at the time of the

Great East Japan Earthquake, 30 yen per cup will be donated to support children's education

. The noodles are made from Hokkaido wheat flour. The chopped ginger adds a nice accent.

The price is 640 yen (tax included, same as below) for eat-in and 628 yen (container not included) for To go. Fair Set A" with 3 gyoza and 1 sesame dumpling is 880 yen, and "Fair Set B" with 3 gyoza and rice (small) is 930 yen.

Gyoza no Ousho "Vegetable Stewed Ramen" To go
Vegetable Stewed Ramen To go

Three additional gyoza can be added to each fair set for an additional 132 yen. Except for Hokkaido restaurants, the gyoza in each fair set can be changed to "garlic-enhanced gyoza" for an additional 27 yen in western Japan. An additional 27 yen will be charged in Western Japan and 16 yen in Eastern Japan.

For each bowl of ramen, 30 yen will be donated to Save the Children, a private, non-profit international organization that conducts support activities for children around the world.

In principle, the Vegetable Stewed Ramen will be sold at "Gyoza no Ousho" and "GYOZA OHSHO" stores nationwide, but some stores are excluded.