KALDI's Recommended Christmas Gifts
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7 Best Christmas Gifts at KALDI

If you’re looking for a cute and nice Christmas gift to give to your friends, family, or loved ones, KALDI Coffee Farm is a great place to visit. They have amazing sweets, coffees, and wines with very cute packages - you will be tempted to get one for yourself too!

Original Mulled Wine Set

KALDI "Original Mulled Wine Set"

 ¥877 *tax included

A cute set of mulled wine and a Christmas mug. The wine has a scent of apple and cinnamon, allowing you to experience the feeling of an authentic Christmas Market! This will be a nice gift for your wine-loving parents, friends, or partners.

Nyokesh Gingerbread House

KALDI "Knee Orkesh Gingerbread House"

¥658 *tax included

You can make a very cute sweets house with this gingerbread kit. Decorate it with any icings or chocolates, and it will be your one and only gingerbread house. This will be an amazing gift for families with kids.

Original Woodhouse Calendar (with light)

KALDI "Original Woodhouse Calendar with Lights

¥3,850 *tax included

Who doesn’t love advent calendars? It’s a classic Christmas gift for all ages. This wooden advent calendar has LED lights, which warmly illuminate Santa Claus in the box, who is on a sled distributing presents. On each day you can enjoy the various sweets such as chocolates or strawberry / lemon flavored candies.

Seri Exkeys Christmas Canele

KALDI's "Seri Exkeys Christmas Canele"

¥537 *tax included

If you’re looking for a cute gift to make your loved ones smile, this Canele is the perfect choice for you. It is in the shape of a tree, combined with chocolate : vanilla canele x white chocolate and chocolate canele x dark chocolate. They thaw naturally, so it will be a fun and easy addition to your home parties. Or it could be a nice morning snack too. Imagine waking up on Christmas morning, sitting on a couch and eating these Caneles with coffee!

Ligeline Santa & Rain Deer Chocolate

KALDI "Ligerine Santa & Rainier Chocolate".

¥645 *tax included

A bag of adorable chocolates in the shapes of Santa Claus and reindeer. If you are going to a home party and want to distribute your gifts to multiple friends, this will be a great choice. It will also be a nice souvenir to bring to your workplaces. I am sure your boss will love it!

Cafe Kaldi Drip Noel

KALDI "Cafe KALDI Drip Noel

1 piece ¥130 / 8 pieces ¥864

If your friend loves coffee, why not get them this special Christmas-version coffee? You have the choice of 1 piece or 8 pieces, so you could make it a nice casual gift too if you wanted. The coffee has a bitter taste with a scent of chocolate and nuts, and goes well with milk and sugar.

Belfin Lollipop Chocolate

KALDI "Belfin Lollipop Chocolate"

Each ¥248 *tax included

People might fall in love at first sight with these cute lollipop chocolates. They are in the shapes of Snowman, Christmas Bear, Gingerbread Man or Santa Claus. It would be fun to buy all 4 and ask your friends and family to choose their favorite. But don’t forget to buy one for yourself too!

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