Kairikiya "Chicken Hakyu Ramen
Chicken Shiratsuyu Ramen

Kairikiya Chicken Shiratsuyu Ram

en Chicken Shiratsuyu Ramen will be available as a limited-time menu item from Kairikiya starting April 5, 2023. The price is 880 yen (tax included).

Kairikiya "Chicken Hakyu Ramen



Ramen" is a limited-time menu item that is popular at Kairikiya, and this year's version is thicker and more concentrated on chicken flavor. The thick, rich Hakutou (white soup) soup is concentrated with the flavor of chicken, and the medium-thin, straight noodles are well mixed with the soup, giving it a richness that lingers in the mouth.

The crunchy onion accentuates the flavor of the soup, making it an addictive bowl of soup. The simple yet full of umami flavor makes you want to drink every last drop. You will be able to enjoy the chicken flavor that fills your mouth.

In principle, the Chicken Hakyu Ramen is available at all Kairikiya stores nationwide, with the exception of the mozo wonder city store, the Chatan store, and the AEON MALL Okinawa Raikam store. The sale will end as soon as all the products are sold out. Sales may vary depending on the store's sales situation.