"Ippudo Tsukemen" is a tsukemen that is eaten by dipping thick tsukemen in a thick seafood tonkotsu-style sauce.
Umaso ~

At each ramen specialty store "Ippudo" (excluding some stores), the summer limited menu "Ippudo Tsukemen" will be released on July 18th. The sale period is until September 30th. Prices start at 880 yen (tax included).

This is a menu where you can enjoy thick noodles with rich seafood and tonkotsu-style sauce. You can enjoy the delicious taste of the seafood-style sauce, which is a blend of tapioca flour-based crispy "tasui thick noodles" and several types of seafood such as mackerel and bonito based on tonkotsu soup.

The toppings are a special char siu shoulder meat and a piece of rose meat carefully cooked in a "secret" soy sauce sauce, a soft-boiled egg that melts the yolk, a crispy texture of tenkasu, and a seaweed with a rich flavor. And green egg.

The stores that offer it are as follows.

[Kyushu 5 stores] Taishofu Inter store / Nagihama store / Shiobara Honpo / Sanno store / Kumamoto Juzenji store [Kanto 27 store] Ebisu store / Ginza store / Kichijoji store (* weekdays only) / Takada Baba store / Roppongi store / Gotanda east exit store / Meidaimae store / Komazawa Park store / Ueno Hirokoji store / Ikebukuro store / Yoyogi Uehara store / Iidabashi Sakura Terrace store / Toyosu store / SHIROMARU BASE Shibuya store / SHIROMARU BASE Omori store / Machida store / Queen's East store / Yokohama West exit store / Kannai store (Limited number of cups) / Cubic Plaza Shin-Yokohama store / Cross Garden Kawasaki store (Limited number of cups) / Lasca Kayagasaki store (Limited number of cups) / Honatsugi Milord East store / Chiba store / LaLaport TOKYO-BAY store (Limited number of cups) / Omiya Store / Takasaki store [Kansai 12 store] Nagahori store / Namba store / Horie store / Minoh store / Takatsuki store / Ikeda store / Nishikikoji store / Kobe Motomachi store / Sannomiya store / Nishimiya north exit store / Himeji store / SHIROMARU BASE Umeda store [ China / Shikoku 5 stores] Okayama store / Kurashiki store / Hiroshima bag town store / Fukuyama store / Matsuyama store [Tokai 6 stores] Honmachi-dori store / Nagoya Sakae Brossa store / Nagoya Hirabari store (* 8 / 1-9 / 10) / SHIROMARU BASE Kanayama store / Kariya store / JR Shizuoka station store [Koshinetsu / Hokuriku 4 stores] Niigata store / Matsumoto store / Kanazawa Korinbo store (* 30 meals only on weekdays) / Toyama store [Tohoku 3 stores] Sendai Aoba Dori store / Sendai east exit store / Morioka store [Hokkaido 2 stores] Sapporo Tanukikoji store / Sapporo Hiraoka store