Big Boy "Cheese Fair" Vol. 2 "Monterey Jack Cheese," the classic American cheese, will be available from October 12!

Big Boy "Cheese

Fair" Vol.

2 The second "Cheese Fair" will be held at Big Boy and Victoria Station family restaurants starting October 12.



Big Boy has been holding the "Cheese Fair" since late August, offering Big Boy's signature large-bale hamburger steak and hand-ground hamburger steak topped with "American cheese" for three consecutive months. In the second phase of the Cheese Fair, products topped with "Monterey Jack Cheese," one of the most popular cheeses in the U.S., will be available. Monterey Jack cheese has a mild, creamy flavor and a rich, buttery richness that increases when heated.

The "Monterey Jack Large Bale Hamburger," which features the mild flavor of "Monterey Jack Cheese" complementing the delicious 100% coarsely ground beef hamburger, and the "Cheddar Cheese" that overflows from inside the hamburger and gives it a deep richness and "Monterey Jack Cheese" flavor. The lineup includes the "Monterey Jack Cheese in Hamburger Steak," which is an irresistible combination of the creamy flavor of "Monterey Jack Cheese" and the deep richness of "Cheddar Cheese" that overflows from inside the hamburger. The menu offers a choice of three sauces: demi-glace sauce, garlic sauce, or BBQ sauce.

Not available at Big Boy Dining Waseda.