Lotteria "Lotteria 29 Meat (Niku) Day

Lotteria "Lotteria 29 Meat (


) Day" Lotteria 29 Meat (Niku) Day will be held at all Lotteria restaurants for three days on September 27, 28, and 29 (except at some restaurants). A total of five items will be on sale at reduced prices: "4-dan Zesshin Cheeseburger," "Triple Bacon Triple Zesshin Cheeseburger," "Double Bacon Double Zesshin Cheeseburger," "Triple Zesshin Cheeseburger" and "Double Zesshin Cheeseburger.

4-dan Zesshin Cheeseburger

Lotteria "4-dan Zexe Cheeseburger" (4-dan cheeseburger)

A "Zesshin Cheese hamburger patty" made with up to 8mm ground beef, seasoned simply with salt, pepper and oregano, topped with two types of melted natural cheese (Gouda and Red Cheddar) and grilled to juicy perfection, layered in four layers and sandwiched in a soft, chewy bun. The hamburger is made with a soft and chewy bun. It is a hearty dish that allows you to enjoy the flavor of the meat to the fullest. The regular price is 1,540 yen, but for three days only, the price will be 1,320 yen (tax included, the same below).

Triple Bacon Triple Zesshin Cheeseburger

Lotteria "Triple Bacon Triple Excellent Cheeseburger".

The "exquisite cheese hamburger patty" is topped with two folds of long, aromatic bacon that has been slowly smoked with an original blend of cherry and chestnut chips. This is stacked three layers on top of each other to create a burger with outstanding volume. The regular price is 1,540 yen, but for three days only it will be 1,300 yen.

Triple Zesshin Cheeseburger

Lotteria "Triple Zest Cheeseburger".

The burger is made by layering three layers of "Zesshin Cheese Hamburger Patty" and sandwiching it between soft and chewy buns. It is a juicy and satisfying dish for meat lovers. Regularly priced at 1,170 yen, the price will be 970 yen for three days only.

Double Bacon Double Zesshin Cheeseburger

Lotteria "Double Bacon Double Excellent Cheeseburger".

A long piece of bacon is folded in two and placed on top of the "Zesshin Cheese Hamburger Patty. This is a satisfying burger with two layers of bacon. The regular price is 1,050 yen, but for three days only, the price will be 840 yen.

Double Zesshin Cheeseburger

Lotteria "Double Zested Cheeseburger".

The "Zesshin Cheese Hamburger Patty" is stacked in two layers and sandwiched between soft and chewy buns. It is a simple yet tasty dish with a strong meaty flavor. The regular price is 800 yen, but for three days only, the price will be 620 yen.

Please also try Lotteria's "Mentaiko Mayo": Lotteria's new "Mentaiko Mayo Shrimp Burger" and "Mentaiko Mayo Selección Cheeseburger" feature the spicy "Mentaiko Mayo Sauce" from Fukuoka's Yamaya! The first thick fair