Big Boy "Avocado Cheese Fair

The "Avocado Cheese Fair" will be held at Big Boy Victoria Station from May 26 through late June.

Avocado Cheese Fair

This fair allows you to enjoy avocado and cheese, two of the most popular items on Big Boy's menu, at the same time. Six brightly-colored dishes will be on offer. You can enjoy the exquisite harmony of avocado and cheese with Big Boy's signature soft and fluffy hand-kneaded hamburger steak and grilled chicken, which is grilled over an open flame.

Big Boy "Avocado and Grilled Camembert Hamburger & Cut Steak

Two types of cheese are available to go with the avocado. The Danish Camembert cheese has a rich and rich texture. Grilling makes it savory, richer and creamier.

Danish camembert cheese

Hokkaido Stracciatella cheese is like a fibrous mozzarella cheese dough. It is a very milky cheese.

Hokkaido Stracciatella cheese

The lineup is as follows. Prices include tax. Prices of some items differ at Steak Big Boy, Steak Victoria and Big Boy Dining Waseda.

Avocado and grilled Camembert hamburger 979 yen
Avocado and stracciatella cheese hamburger steak 979 yen
Grilled chicken with avocado and grilled camembert 869 yen
Grilled chicken with avocado and stracciatella cheese 869 yen
Avocado and Grilled Camembert Hamburger Steak & Cut Steak 1,364 yen
Avocado and stracciatella cheese hamburger steak & cut steak ¥1,364