"Taro mochi" recipe

Introducing recipes using the soggy and fluffy "taro"! There are 5 dishes: "taro potato salad", "taro creamy croquette", "taro oyaki", "taro salt butter" and "taro mochi".

Taro potato salad

"Taro potato salad" recipe

Potato salad using taro instead of potatoes. Simply add ham, mayonnaise and salt and pepper to the boiled and smooth mashed taro. You will be addicted to the feeling of warmth and stickiness. Potato salad made from taro with a rich flavor is also quite addictive!

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Taro creamy croquette

"Taro creamy croquette" recipe

Croquette made from taro with fragrant mushrooms. The creamy texture that melts smoothly, the crispy mushroom accents, and the umami and aroma that overflows from seasonal ingredients are irresistible! If you cook the taro in the microwave, you can easily peel it.

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Taro oyaki

"Taro Oyaki" recipe

Simply crush the peeled taro in the microwave, add onions and sakura shrimp, and bake in a frying pan. If you entwin the Japanese-style sauce of soy sauce and mirin, you will have a delicious taro oyaki. The chewy and smooth texture and the sweet and salty mitarashi-style sauce enhance the deliciousness of the taro! Recommended for side dishes and snacks.

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Taro seaweed salt butter

"Taro seaweed salt butter" recipe

Simply cut the peeled taro into bite-sized pieces and mix with green laver, salt and butter. The savory flavor of green laver, the umami of butter, and the slightly junk taste of the knitting with just the right amount of salt are addictive! Great for beer snacks.

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Taro mochi

"Taro mochi" recipe

Crush the peeled taro in the microwave and add the potato starch to make the dough. Roll this up, bake it in a frying pan, and entangle it with a sauce of soy sauce and mirin. The plump and chewy texture and the fragrant, sweet and sour mitarashi sauce are intertwined, and it's very delicious! It has a mochi-like plumpness and is perfect for eating.

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