Fujiya Confectionery "12 Stories of Shortcakes: Next Move

The "12 Stories of Shortcake "Next Move - Next Move"" will be sold at Fujiya Confectionery. This product is a chocolate shortcake made with chocolate, strawberries, and mango in collaboration with Sota Fujii, a Shogi player.

Shortcake 12 Stories "Next Move

The product is available for 10 days only, from July 22 to July 31. This chocolate shortcake is made with Fujii's favorite chocolate, strawberries, and mango. The chocolate sponge is sandwiched between strawberry sauce, mango, and chocolate cream made with the company's own high cacao chocolate, and the top is decorated with macaroon skin with a Shogi piece design and strawberries.

The top is decorated with a macaron skin with a Shogi (Japanese chess) piece design and strawberries. The price is 581 yen (tax included). Also available at some Fujii restaurants.

12 Stories of Shortcake

The project will begin in January 2022 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the launch of Shortcake. Each month, a short story focusing on a different main character and describing a memory related to Shortcake will be released. In addition, a special shortcake inspired by the story is released for a limited time on the 22nd of each month.