Fujiya Confectionery: "12 Stories of Shortcake "Peko-chan no okurimono"".

The "12 Stories of Shortcake: A Gift from Peko-chan" will be available at Fujiya confectionery stores from September 22 to 30. The price is 594 yen (tax included).

12 Stories of Shortcake "Peko-chan's Souvenir

This is one of the "12 Stories of Shortcake," a series of sweets created each month to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the launch of Fujiya's Shortcake, focusing on a different character. This time, the product is a collaboration with actress Kaho Minami, who is known for her love of Peko-chan, a character from Fujiya.

According to Fujiya, for Kaho Minami, the beauty of cake is "being able to share a smile. When she was a child, her five sisters would often argue over which cake was the biggest when cutting a whole cake, but the time spent sharing was a very happy time for everyone. Even if one portion is small for a large group of people, the cake is said to bring smiles to everyone's faces.

The new cake is designed to bring gentle smiles to the faces of those surrounding it. The cake is filled with vanilla-scented light custard cream and strawberries, and finished with chanterelle cream with condensed milk. The top is decorated with chocolate and strawberries in the shape of Peko-chan's face. It is cute to look at, delicious to eat, and is designed to bring you a happy time. There are two types of Peko-chan faces.

Fujiya Confectionery: "12 Stories of Shortcake "Peko-chan no okurimono"".

Some stores may not carry the product or may be sold out. Also available at some Fujiya restaurants. Tax rates for eat-in differ from those for To go.