Fujiya "12 Stories of Shortcake "Hole in One! Nice shot cake".

Fujiya Confectionery Store will sell "12 Stories of Shortcake "Hole in One! Nice Shot Cake" will be on sale. The product is a collaboration with professional golfer Momoko Ueda. It is a shortcake that is easy to eat even in summer, using "peaches," the symbol of Ms. Ueda, and sprinkled with golf elements.

The 12 Stories of Shortcake "Hole in One! Nice Shot Cake."

Sponge sandwich with cream containing Japanese yellow peaches and Hokkaido cream cheese. The top is topped with vanilla mousse that looks like a cute golf ball, lemon jelly for a refreshing finish, and decorated with Yamagata Prefecture's glutinous white peaches and a chocolate plate.

A paper plate resembling a golf pin flag with the shortcake's 100th anniversary logo is included. Using Mr. Ueda's symbolic "peach" and sprinkled with golf elements, this shortcake is easy to eat even in summer.

Limited to 9 days from June 22 to June 30. Price: 648 yen (tax included). Not available at all stores.

12 Stories of Shortcake

This project started in January 2022 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the launch of Shortcake. Each month, a short story focusing on a different main character and describing a memory related to shortcake is published, and for a limited time, a special shortcake inspired by the story is available for purchase.